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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Tonight in The Explorers Room: Marathon Time is Again Upon Us! Let it be a Bacchanal!

Tonight in the Explorers Room, we kick off our part of the WFMU marathon with the first of two weeks of marathonning, fund-raising programming. WFMU is one of the few institutions in the world of music, or this cursed planet in general, that seems to be unambiguously good, so undubtedly worth your support. Bursting with unfettered creativity and unique expressions, so vast and vital that it contains 4 alternate streams – including Give the Drummer Radio, to which I am lucky to belong – and listener-funded, with no corporate underwriting. So please, keep freeform radio alive with as generous donation as you are able; along the way, you may win some prizes.  

For a pledge of $75 or more, you'll immediately get this year's Explorers Room DJ premium (and be in the running for prizes, more on that in a moment): Pagan Fruits & Other Rare Birds – Exotic sounds and modernist tabus (mambo, surf, percussion, jazz, organ music, etc.) from the Explorers Room record library. All ripped from vinyl right here in the Room.

For $20 or more you'll put yourself in the running for prizes (shown below), to be chosen by my cohost, Uncle Michael, throughout the show.  Really really good prizes this week, all but one is vinyl, with 3 double LPs in the mix!  

Donate here: 
OR, and this comes highly recommended if you have the means, become a Swag for Life member! (Still eligible for prizes, but so much more, too) Learn more about that here.


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