Good Music We Can Know

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room: A Look Back, Then Onward, Ever Onward

Tonight we look back at a year in the Explorers Room; I will play one song each from every show of 2016 (with the exception of some of the more recent shows, for which I'll play the songs I almost, or perhaps should have played).  An evening of retrospection before we make the leap to a new and probably even more horrifying new year.  Join me, tonight, in the Room.  7-10.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room: A Do-Your-Thing Batucada (Strong as Thing, Sweet as Do)

Tonight in the Explorers Room, we'll be hearing long-form funk excursions, avant-Peruvian abstractions, woozy film jazz, and more.  Join me tonight for 2016's second-to-last Explorers Room.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room: Bahama Boat

Tonight in the Explorers Room, we'll be listening to music from the Bahamas, and music about boats.  I recently moved to Bahama, North Carolina, into an old house that's rickety and crooked and wood-paneled in a way that frequently makes me think of it as an old riverboat or clipper ship or something.  Obviously, it's not a boat which can travel, it's a mostly stationary house; and I don't live in the beautiful Bahamas, I just live in Bahama (pronounced, tragically enough, Ba-hay-ma) in a doomed state in a doomed nation, but it's the fantasy space bridging these concepts that is the lifeblood of the exotic, and anyway, I like songs about boats and I like Bahamian music, so let's just roll with it and see what happens.  Tonight!

Friday, December 9, 2016

Cover Art, the Cover as Art: Flash Car, Dying to Sing

I think this came out almost a whole month ago (I've been moving and let a lot of things get away from me recently), but better late than never I'm happy to post about this, for two reasons: one, I did the art for it, and two, the music is really good.

Actually, I did the art for half of it.  It's a split single for Third Uncle Records; one side is No One Mind doing a cover of "Land of Dreams" (art on that side by No One Mind's Ellis Anderson), the other is Flash Car (for whom I've done art before, and will do again – stay tuned for an upcoming LP with cover art by yours truly) doing a cover of the legendary Eddie Callahan's legendary track, "Dying to Sing."  Just as passionate and psychedelic as the original, faithful but not pointlessly so, with a cavernous, gargantuan outro and a synth solo that goes totally cosmic in the mode of Gert Thrue's Sound Painted Pictures of Cosmic Love.  Check it out:

Grab a cassette or check out the flipside here.

And stay tuned for more extremely exciting art news around these parts!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room: African Queens, Tunisian Knights, and other Jazz Tropical Tabus

Tonight in the Explorers Room we'll be taking another swim in the warm and plentiful waters of exotic jazz.  Tabu, Night in Tunisia, African Queen, Flamingo, and more, ranging from Afro-Cuban rumba-exotica to modal experimentation, with lots of hot pounding percussion and mysterious shadowy flutes along the way.  Prepare to smolder.

It's also my first Explorers Room to be broadcast from my new home (and thus, new actual explorers room) in Bahama, NC.  So I'm excited to turn over this new frond and embark on a fresh series of Explorers Rooms.  Tune in for the first installment of a new era, tonight!


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room: Psychedelic Chants and Dances

Tonight the Explorers Room returns, after a two-week absence, to bring you three hours of psychedelic chants and dances and lush music full of life.  Tune in and experience a sprawling, teeming, wild world of sound.

TONIGHT! 7-10! We're back!