Good Music We Can Know

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room: Visages et Chants du Monde

Tonight in the Explorers Room we'll be enjoying music from all over the world, including some pretty amazing 10" and 7" French ethnographic recordings and Brazilian/Latin LPs I found at a thrift shop two days ago.  Just a cool evening, bursting with all kinds of juicy sounds.  Some of it, I'll have barely heard myself.  It'll be fun.  See you there, I hope.

C H A N T S (7-10, you know the drill.)

After tonight's show, I'll be gone for two weeks, bopping around in jungle and sea, expeditioning, collecting new artifacts for the explorers room.  I'll be back on May 12.  But stay tuned to Thursday nights, as any week now we'll see the maiden voyage of Little Danny's (of Office Naps/The Exotica Project, etc.)new show, the Cool Blue Flame.  Yes please. Very exciting.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tonight's Explorers Room: Transmissions from the Electrified World of Eddie Harris

Tonight's Explorers Room will be a laid-back, highly groovy sound safari through the electrified world of the electrifying Eddie Harris.  Naturally the focus will be on Harris' experimental work: varitone sax-driven funk-jazz, swelling echoplexed chambers of sound, spoken word, singing-through-horn, and restless mad scientist adjustments to existing instruments (both swapping parts–the reed trumpet, the saxobone, etc.–and adding synthesizer components).  Harris was prolific, and at least for a time, extremely successful, but he was also a fiendishly restless, brilliant polymath, fearless of failure, who never stopped tinkering with and rewriting his sound and his methods. 

In this case, I'm not even remotely an expert on the subject; rather, newly obsessed, and still in the process of "discovering" it for myself.  Come along and discover with me these sounds–thoroughly jazzy, excruciatingly weird, intensely funky, and cosmically trippy.  7-10, my friends.


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Explorers Room Tonight! A stream of exoticness, 7-10

Tonight on Explorers Room, I'll be playing an assortment of music bound together by no real theme whatsoever, except that a fair amount of it is made up of recent acquisitions.  Latin exotica, avant-garde, politically conscious jazz, and definitely some Gato Barbieri, may his horn blow eternal in search of the mystery.  See you there my exots. 7-10 with bells on.

H E A R  THE   H E A T