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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Flash Strap Presents: Bibliothèque Exotique Volume 4- Musique du "Voo-Doo" (Funk, Grooves, Percussion, Seaside Reverie)

And now I am really, just really excited to present to you, Volume 4: Musique du "Voo-doo."  Folks, these tracks are doozies.  Monstrous grooves, relentless percussion, savage rock workouts, barbaric funk.  Honestly, it's probably too much heaviness for one place, but what can I do?  Pace yourselves.  The last third or so is made up of exotic seaside and leisure tracks, sort of a cool-down from all the voodoo.  Oh, please do enjoy.

Next week I'll be finishing off the series (for now) with an even more mammoth set of cosmic synth and electropop exotica. So "stay tuned," as they say.


1. Jungle Theme No. 3 (Parry Music: Action & Drama)–Don Howard
2. Jungle Theme No. 2 (Parry Music: Action & Drama)–Don Howard
3. Jungle Theme No. 1 (Parry Music: Action & Drama)–Don Howard
4. Wild Trumpet (TeleMusic: Musique En Stock Vol. 2)–Pierre Dutour
5. Africa Semper (TeleMusic: Neo Rythmiques)–Pierre-Alain Dahan & Slim Pezin
6. Safari Love (TeleMusic: Variety One - Maxi Music; composer: Mat Camison)–Résonance
7. Jungle Trompet (TeleMusic: 100% Trompette)–Pierre Dutour
8. Mandingo (Columbia: The Primeval Rhythm Of Life)–Mandingo
9. Tropical Scene (Bosworth: Soft, Sweet And Swing)–Jonny Teupen Group
10. Black Pearl (DeWolfe: Black Pearl)–Alan Parker
11. Violins Safari (Pierson: Velvet Dreams Vol. 2)–J.C. Pierric
12. Tanganika (E.C.A.P.: Top Instrumental Music)–Guy Des Joncs
13. Hula Rock (Bosworth: America '76)–Lew Howard All-Stars
14. Primitive Spirit (TeleMusic: Musique En Vrac)–Raymond Guiot
15. Arachnid (EMI: Savage Rite)–Mandingo
16. The Voodou Ju Ju Drug - Part 1 (Barclay: The Voodou Juju Drug 7")–R. Pultek
17. Grey Pepper (Africadelic In Safari Mood); (Montparnasse: Africadelic's the Name N° 2; with percussion by Black Colored Drums)–Gerard Levecque & Claude Romat
18. Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession, Part 2 (Ju Ju Records: Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession 7")–K. Pythacunthapuserectus (Davy Jones, Janko Nilovic)
19. Bambù (Omni: Niente)–Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza
20. Zombie (Musique Pour L'Image: Sons Nouveaux Pour Images Contemporaines)–Roger Davy
21. The Voodou Ju Ju Drug - Part 2 (Barclay: The Voodou Juju Drug 7")–R. Pultek
22. Mao Mao (Barclay: Jingle Jungle / Mao Mao 7")–The Starlights
23. Jungle Riders (PSI: African Voodoo)–Manu Dibango
24. Cult (De Wolfe: Afro-Rock; composer: Peter Reno)–Vecchio
25. African Feeling (Montparnasse: Pop Guitar Sketches)–Ike Mathews
26. Bungle in the Jungle (Hoctor Dance Records: Jazz In The Sun With Nilo Toledo)–Nilo Toledo
27. Kuzi-Kuza (TeleMusic: Neo Rythmiques)–Pierre-Alain Dahan & Slim Pezin
28. Route Africaine B (Conroy Library: Background Action)–Sammy Burdson
29. Tribal Warfare (Amphonic Music Ltd.: Smooth Themes - Swinging Percussion)–Jim Lawless
30. Chant Afrique (Bosworth: America '76)–Lew Howard All-Stars
31. Chant of the Virgins (Columbia: The Primeval Rhythm Of Life)–Mandingo
32. Bambù #2 (Omni: Niente)–Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza
33. Tension In Somalia (Montparnasse: World News)–Cecil Wary
34. Eros In Hiro (Cinevox: Bora Bora)–Piero Piccioni
35. Bora Bora (short version); (Cinevox: Bora Bora)–Piero Piccioni
36. Jamaican Love Song (Jump: Urubamba; composer: O. Rocchi)–Tropicals
37. Black Sand (Vedette: Sea Fantasy)–Armando Sciascia
38. Slow Heat (KPM: Bugaloo in Brazil)–Les Baxter
39. Exotic Flutes (Chappell: Soft and Sweet)–Roger Bourdin
40. Sun, Sand And Surf (Conroy: Modern Mixture)–Sam Sklair & Gus Galbraith
41. Costa Brava (Popular Disc: Delta Sound Vol. 1)–M. Wichard
42. Merckxicaine (CBS: April Orchestra Vol. 1)–Jean Vallée, Yvon Ouazana
43. Sunny Coast (RCA: Spontaneous)–Alessandro Alessandroni
44. Mind For Sea (Disc GO: GO Vol. 1)–J.C. Pierric
45. L'Océan (Montparnasse: Percussions Dans L'Espace)–Janko Nilovic
46. Sound Box (Montparnasse: Percussions Dans L'Espace)–Janko Nilovic
47. Nostalgic Sea (Vedette: Sea Fantasy)–Armando Sciascia
48. Seashore (60sec., 30sec., 20sec., 10sec.); (William B. Tanner Co.: SPM 162)–William B. Tanner



wildbeards said...

i love this series, man. thanks for sharing

DonHo57 said...

Just totally incredible stuff, Flash. thank you again!!! Looking forward to that next installment. I appreciate the work involved.

AmericanSamourai said...

Thanks, FlashStrap!

AmericanSamourai said...

Thanks, FlashStrap!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. This series is amazing.

walkingtrees said...

ahoy! thanks a bunch for this series flash! really digging this stuff. i threw vol.2 on last night and cracked open "Kon-Tiki"...thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...


ps - if you're ocd like me at all you might notice that this one is tagged "Volume 4" while the others are "Vol. 3," "Vol. 2"

Not that it matters at all, but the 4 volumes look real nice all flush

Flash Strap said...

Too late to change it for everyone out there but ... yeah I am OCD in that way and I am kicking myself way too hard over this

Hyde said...

I can't believe how good these are and how they just keep coming. Thanks a million, really appreciate it.

Unknown said...

1000thanks for this wonderful & exciting va-comp-series! Great idea to produce exotic-sound-comps ... I love your fascinating blog - its one of my web-favourites! Andy

walkingtrees said...

madlib has been into these too...haven't heard all 4 sets in their entirety yet, i've counted 2 so far he has sampled :) anyone kinda disappointed with "rock konducta"?

Interstellar Medium said...

I'm sorry to use this space to say these words, but since that there's no email to contact you, i decided to write down this.

Hello friend, my name is Gabriel and i'm a fan of your work for some years now and i've decided to make my own blog too, with music from all around the Globe!

You are on my blogroll, check the website and if you please could you add me also?!

thx so much and cheers!!

Clambeard said...

Yes! This is my favorite one yet! I've got a Voodoo Ju Ju Obsession!

Wilbert said...

Ever since I discovered your exceptional blog and for the third summer in a row you are providing the soundtrack to my daily life. Together with the easlier Umiliani set, this series is on a loop almost all of the time in my garden . I can't wait to hear what you have lined up next. Thank you for your hard work of sharing your taste. ( Love your art works too)

Flash Strap said...

Gabriel- I like your spot, and you are added to my roll. Thanks for linking me as well.

Walkingtrees- so glad you're diggin into Kon-Tiki! May your journey through the ripe fantasies and hardboiled adventuring of Thor Heyerdahl move you as much as they did me.

Holly said...

Flash, this *may* be my favorite installment so far... of course haven't yet heard Vol. 5!

Thank you so much.

Holly :-)

Anonymous said...

Gee, I'd never hear of exotica before and am really diggin' this.
Thanks man, respect.

tikkanese said...

amazing grooves herre.


Anonymous said...

Amazing music thanks a lot

StoneTiki said...

I downloaded this a long while back and only just got round to listening...great work!