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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Some Opals for your Coffers: Sonny Silver- Midnight in Kenya; Gianni Safred- Electronic Designs

I've got some hopefully exciting new things for you all in the next week or two, but in the meantime I wanted to link to a couple things that have really been pleasing my speakers recently.  The first is this gritty & sweaty African-esque French surf-jazz EP (with a bit of twist, as in "the twist"), found over at the supremely enjoyable swingaconga blog (inactive since 2012, but new to me and a pleasure to sift through).  The proprietor generally favors a one-track-only manner of sharing, but in this case the full EP is available.  Check it out, but stick around to scope the rest of the treasures in the garden.


The second won't be news to any of you who follow Boxes of Toys, but I really want to highlight it right now because it is quite possibly my favorite library outing of all time (and also because Music Scene LPs, while often quite excellent, could not be less appealing in their uniform covers, and you may have skipped past this one without giving it a second thought): Gianni Safred and His Electronic Instruments: Electronic Designs (shared by Greta).  Sometimes I just cannot stop playing this thing, back to back.  All killer no filler, as they say, and weird all down the line.

Gianni Safred only made three records, to my knowledge (the other being the awesome, but not this awesome, Futuribile), and he has this subtly unique sensibility that thrills me, with these electrifying little runs on the synths/keys and really evocative melodies like sloooow sambas from the icy core of the moon, or Vince Guaraldi if he were really brilliantly stoned and sessioning at Umiliani's Sound Work Shop.  It hardly gets better than this.  Masterpiece.

Electronic Designs


YodClay said...

Giannni Safred has brought us indeed a masterpiece, which leaves Sonny Silver a bit less, but still good enough.
Thank you master Flash, i bow before thee, you are amongst the great sharers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing, Flash.

Greta said...

Thank you Flash for the credits you gave me on your FaNtAsTiC blog.
Not my rip by the way.
And I could not agree more: this is one of the best library albums ever for me too.


Anonymous said...

thank you so much for yet another
great outing.
always great to come back here and discover such new pleasures.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! That Gianni Safred record is crazy good! I love all the gizmo shredding going on at times. Mind thoroughly blown.


Steinar said...

Beautiful! Thanks!

Holly said...

Thank you Flash - & Greta!