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Friday, June 13, 2014

Flash Strap Presents: Jungle Shadows Vol. 5

Let's take this summer seriously with a new Jungle Shadows mix.  Please enjoy, and don't forget to grab both parts.  Put this on and head straight for the adventure like a cannonball; alternately, have an exquisite glass of ice tea and bliss out in the sun.  My best to you during this time.

1. To The Adventure- Guido & Maurizio De'Angelis
2. Jungle Talk- Bob Chance
3. Mecca- Gene Pitney
4. The Slummer The Slum- The "5" Royales
5. Shadows Breaking Over My Head- Left Banke
6. Deep Shadows- Little Ann
7. Crazy Lazy- Spike
8. Sunken Ship 2- Sam Spence
9. Island Feelin/African Blood (Control Car Style)- Supermax
10. Mozart En Afrique- Michel Magne
11. African Sleigh Ride- Vince Guaraldi
12. Watusi- John McFarland
13. Bert's Blues- Donovan
14. Yep Roc Heresay- Slim Gaillard
15. Egyptian Shumba- The Tammys
16. Le Fantome de Saint-Estev- C. Lara, J. Musy

1. Aquarium (with The Esso Trinidad Steel Band)- Van Dyke Parks
2. Atlantis- Sergio Ferraresi
3. Little Bird- Beach Boys
4. Lord, What a Morning- Les Baxter
5. Luna Rosa (Blushing Moon)- Norrie Paramor & His Orchestra
6. Jungle Concert- Xavier Cugat
7. Jungle Dream- Los Índios Tabajaras
8. Rain-Forest Rag- John Sangster
9. Mirage- Heinz von Moisy
10. Part II (Sex Power)- Vangelis
11. Bodo- Mammane Sani et son Orgue
12. Elastic Points- Gianni Safred And His Electronic Instruments
13. Baia- Ferrante & Teicher
14. Nightingale- Jimmy Namaro
15. The Night Of The Purple Moon- Sun Ra
16. There Was a Time- Donovan
17. Fidel Castro- Belita Palma
18. Les Marquises- Jacques Brel
19. E_S_Rever- Spike


This is the final chapter of the Jungle Shadows series.  Whatever shall follow will do so under a new name and with a different (but likely rather similar) purpose.

Up next: the previously-advertised series of exoticist library works, Bibliothèque Exotique.  Thanks for sending in your choice tracks, those of you that did (you know who you are, you splendid birds). 


Unknown said...


walkingtrees said...

the jungle shadows mixes are always welcome in these parts. thanks for this last chapter flash!

Unknown said...

Always look forward to new mixes. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I really need it to survive the hot weather.

Now waiting for your next mix.

AmericanSamourai said...

Thanks, FlashStrap!

Unknown said...

God damn beautiful as ever man. This will be the soundtrack to my summer and many others to come i'm sure,


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Always love these, thanks much! Will see us through the weird, hot summer I'm sure.

BOTW said...


Anonymous said...

Been puffin' on the mix, and it's a sweet one my friend. Perfect for the summer assault.


holo said...

thanks so much, fantastic as always! much appreciated

R o h a n said...

Looking forward to this, although of course in the southeast corner of the antipodes we are feeling far from summer - this is the time of the year we remember it wasn't that long ago, geologically speaking, when were nestled within the Antarctic circle. But from my experience, Jungle Shadows are mixes for all seasons.

I'm very pleased to see a cut from Sangster's Peaceful on this comp! There's a slight egotistical buzz, I'll admit, but mainly I'm just glad to see this obscure piece of exotic Australiana worming its way into the global exotica canon.

ben said...

6 tracks into disc 1 and I'm floored,

amazing! Thank you!

Holly said...

Ah, thank you, Flash. NOW it's summer :-)

nulloid said...

I keep coming back to "Island Feelin/African Blood (Control Car Style)- Supermax"


Viva la Jungle Shadows!

Anders Olofson said...

Some extremely wonderful stuff here! Thanks!!!