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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Search of the Waters of Oblivion: John Tender- Fantasyland Vol. 1 (1981?)

As we slide like snails down the edge of a straight razor, utterly doomed to tip our inarticulate bodies over the side and into the precipitous chasm of an unknown and unknowable new year, I feel like Sadak in search of the Waters of Oblivion, hanging by a finger and struggling to rise, unable to discern what exotic surprises or apocalyptic ruinations may befall me at the top of the in the daunting and inscrutable mountain of the future, but helpless to stop my ascent.

What better sonic guide for such a compulsory transition into the void than John Tender's Fantasyland?  Future exoticism, an expedition into the unknown, full of lead-heavy dread and breathtaking wonder.  Every track is a perfect marvel, clear as a crystal in the pink sun and heavy as a storm cloud on Jupiter.  So highly recommended, so deeply necessaryWelcome to the end of today, see you tomorrow.


PS: This rip originally came from the luminary blog Lunar Atrium, whose now-emptied treasury was a hall of wonders now sorely missed.  Thanks brother.  There is a volume two, and I don't have it, so allow me to beseech you all to toss me a link if you're holding.  Please!  Ten pleases, all pretty.

And permit me to apologize for being so long inactive this month, the throbbing of life is at times overwhelming for us all (and my how the jingles do bell away our days).  Rest assured I have many plans for the coming days and weeks, including an Obsession Exotique centered on Piero Umiliani, as well as just some regular ol' extremely excellent exotica, funk, and synth music that's been kickin around in my ears.


apf said...

Thank you!

Rob said...

hope the link works for you.
happy new ear
xx rob

J. Ryan Halpenny said...

Thanks! Vol. 2:

mostergren said...

Thanks for reminding me about Lunar Atrium. It really was pretty fantastic. Happy to see some L.A. mixes still on SoundCloud. And Happy New Year

Flash Strap said...

Thanks link-droppers!

Anonymous said...

just got home from work and was going to say thanks for volume 1 and ask if there'd been any luck regarding volume 2. lo and behold there's 2 links to choose from. aces. kudos to all.


Anonymous said...

Both volumes are superb. Thanks for this, and for all you've shared over the years. Be well.

Roberto Mortágua said...

Hi there!

I recently found your blog and I could only be amazed with the things I encountered here.
Starting in all the exotic sounds (can't stop listening to Les Baxter now) to compilations such as The "Black art and machine gun funk"... I would like to purpose you something that I'm sure can be fun to you, as a music lover and record collector.

I work in radio station in Portugal called Radio University of Coimbra. Started as an experimental radio back in the seventies, we are now the only free and independent radio broadcasting in Portugal, with twenty four hours a day of music of all kinds and tastes, most of the time, music that no comercial radio can or would risk to play.

One of the shows in which I'm involved is called Magia Negra (Black Magic) and is a radio show specialized in black music ranging from jazz to soul, from funk to disco...running for more than seven years now. And in one of the latest shows done by me I used music of your Black Art and Machine Gun compilation. Only when my collegues asked me about that record I realised it was a compilation of yours and so I would like to ask you if you're interested in doing a written interview for our blog (we recently change servers: ) as a music collector and promoter.

We have been interviewing along the years musicians and collectors, label owners and freelancers of the new internet world, asking for mixtapes and mostly divulging the music we believe has still something to say in this new technological world.

This was the show where I used your compilation if you want to check out ( and here you have our facebook page (

If you're interested please let me know! and keep going!


Roberto Mortáhua

Flash Strap said...

I would love to, Roberto! Let's do it.

Also, I'm enjoying the show. The Portuguese airwaves must surely be grateful for your efforts. Keep it up yourself.

Anonymous said...

Late, as usual, but I keep coming back to your blog and always finding new treasures. Thanks for this beautiful gem, really lovely.

Also, thanks for the blog. In my mind, the best music blog (and webiste) I've ever come across. Keep up the good work.