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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

In Search of the Waters of Oblivion: John Tender- Fantasyland Vol. 1 (1981?)

As we slide like snails down the edge of a straight razor, utterly doomed to tip our inarticulate bodies over the side and into the precipitous chasm of an unknown and unknowable new year, I feel like Sadak in search of the Waters of Oblivion, hanging by a finger and struggling to rise, unable to discern what exotic surprises or apocalyptic ruinations may befall me at the top of the in the daunting and inscrutable mountain of the future, but helpless to stop my ascent.

What better sonic guide for such a compulsory transition into the void than John Tender's Fantasyland?  Future exoticism, an expedition into the unknown, full of lead-heavy dread and breathtaking wonder.  Every track is a perfect marvel, clear as a crystal in the pink sun and heavy as a storm cloud on Jupiter.  So highly recommended, so deeply necessaryWelcome to the end of today, see you tomorrow.


PS: This rip originally came from the luminary blog Lunar Atrium, whose now-emptied treasury was a hall of wonders now sorely missed.  Thanks brother.  There is a volume two, and I don't have it, so allow me to beseech you all to toss me a link if you're holding.  Please!  Ten pleases, all pretty.

And permit me to apologize for being so long inactive this month, the throbbing of life is at times overwhelming for us all (and my how the jingles do bell away our days).  Rest assured I have many plans for the coming days and weeks, including an Obsession Exotique centered on Piero Umiliani, as well as just some regular ol' extremely excellent exotica, funk, and synth music that's been kickin around in my ears.

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Savage Toy Recommendation: The Tropicals- Urubamba (1972)

Of all the incredible, one-of-a-kind treasures over at Boxes of Toys, Urubamba is a major highlight for folks, like myself, on the eternal exotica hunt.  Just in case any of you in my readership were unaware of the business over at Boxes of Toys, it's sort of my solemn duty to tip you to this thrilling LP of Italian library exotica.

It's got this classic, very cool sound, not super original but still subtly unique-- a toy-box simplicity with fat grooves and sugary lines of wordless vocals-- the sort of thing that would fit ever-so-nicely between Jungle Obsession and Umiliani's Africa/Polinesia, without really being more of the same in either (or any) category.

The link below will take you to Boxes of Toys.  Grab the link while it's still live (it's in the comments).  Two things: almost every other track on this album is, in my very humble opinion, even cooler and weirder than the one in the soundcloud sample, so just trust me that this LP is the bizarro bee's knees if you have any doubts.  The other thing: For the love of all things good, be thankful in the comments (specifically over there, not here, though I love and welcome your comments always).  I ask this of you.


There's lots of great stuff over there too (like this and this), check it all out.