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Monday, July 1, 2013

Flash Strap Presents: Dub Hot Dubs 3 ("Black Majesty")

Dub Hot Dubs 3 is here, "Black Majesty," a dread freighter for to steer you through the thick hot haze of these wicked and cruel days of superheated summertime perdition.  Cool off like the righteous and pull one with the ancients, so to speak.

1. Jungle Of Crime- Dennis Alcapone
2. Satta - Masa - Ganna- Cedric Im Brooks (United Africa Version)
3. Fighting Dub- Tommy McCook & King Tubby
4. Black Man's Dub- Impact Allstars
5. Black Man's Land- Vivian Jackson & The Prophets
6. African Roots- Skatalites
7. Kentucky Skank- Lee Perry and The Upsetters
8. Outcry- Cedric Im Brooks
9. My Nocturne- Keith Hudson
10. Spying Glass- Horace Andy
11. Iron Fist- The Observers
12. Heavy Duty- Herman Chin Loy

1. Satta Massa Gana- Cedric Im Brooks
2. Melody Maker- Keith Hudson
3. Waap You Waa- Lee Perry and The Upsetters
4. Present- Burning Spear
5. Tribal War- U Roy Junior
6. Lazy Mood- The Prophet All Stars
7. Money Money- Horace Andy
8. Invasion- King Tubby/The Aggrovators
9. Scientific (Hurting Dubb)- The 4th Street Orchestra
10. Sabasi- Cedric Im Brooks
11. Roots Talk- Mabrak
12. Try Love- Sugar Minott



walkingtrees said...

yes I! looking forward to the next jungle shadows installment! thanks amigo!

Anonymous said...

thank you!

Clambeard said...

Many thanks! This is great!

Whip Wilson said...

And so arrives one of my favorite annual traditions. Some 90 degree heat, a pitcher of homemade mojitos, and the latest installment of DHD. What a treat. Thanking you, Flash, you're better than central air. Chin, chin.

-The Whipper

bobdobbs said...

thanks chief, its been pretty muggy as of late and this showed up just in time

Anonymous said...

love the three dubs!
Thankyou very much!

Anonymous said...

mmmmmm it is Dub Hot out now! Thanks!

bcardoso said...

thank you!

Franco said...

Thanks for the Hot Dubs Trilogy!!!


Anonymous said...

album very good!

tek said...

Had these mixes since last summer. Been burning them solid all month waiting for some heat.

Please oh please pusher man. Another taste.