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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Flash Car: Summer Storm/Changing Lights (2013)

I present to you all the debut single from Flash Car, the project of a one Mr. Morgan Friedman: longtime friend of the blog, even-longertime friend of mine as a hu-man and knucklehead from the day, a fellow member of the Cumberland County Mean Gang, and artist of sound in the first degree.

I know that I have tipped the hand of my bias (and I'll tip it further-- I myself supplied the cover art), but I say this with complete conviction and sincerity after bracing self-reflection: these two songs are fantastic.

The first track, "Summer Storm," produced in collaboration with a Mr. Boogie Reverie, is a sparkling jewel of 60's pop with crumbling edges-- the naiveté and baroque tinge of Buffalo Springfield or Left Banke by way of the oddball, just-off-center and out-of-time pop sensibility of someone like Eddie Callahan:

The second (in collaboration with another venerable Gang member, Sid Martin, who does some phenomenal work here), is a sexy night drive, on patrol in the land of Robocop: "Changing Lights."  Like "Tusk" filtered through the pilot episode of Miami Vice, but even better than that sounds:

This is some great "now sound," friends.  I hope you get down and into it, pump it into your own zippy little flash car and make it go.

Check out Flash Car's bandcamp to download the tracks at name-your-price.  You can't lose with a deal like that.  Have a good day on this day.

F L A S H  C A R


Serious-Type-Thing said...

I believe the project could be just as appropriately titled Betty.
Humbly, Death

R o h a n said...

I downloaded these the other days and have had a couple of listens... and I like it! Tell your friend he's all right.

Anonymous said...

melodies: constructed thoughtfully to stick and satisfy. cool grooves. i'm so happy these songs are here, and i'm singin' along.


Sinkane said...

Amazing stuff! Please post more! Love your blog!

Sinkane said...

Amazing! Seriously! Love it and your blog!

Flash Strap said...

Ah, thanks, you're too kind Sinkane. Keep up the good fight yourself.