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Friday, July 1, 2011

Penetrating the Black Continent: Piero Umiliani- Continente Nero, Genti e Paesi Del Mondo, Le Isole Dell'Amore

Umiliani is a true Library King, and Continente Nero is one of my very favorite of his works. Full of urgent, tension-building strings, percussion, and the rush of adventure and discovery, this is a documentary in your head, somewhere between Cousteau and the Italian Mondo variety. Very thin and serious stuff. Almost spooky, like an expedition that lost a member to the fog.

As a side note, Continente Nero is the name of my boat, and all these downloads are 320.

CONTINENTE NERO (The Black Continent)

I don't know the whole story behind this record, but it serves as a perfect companion piece to Continente Nero. The two share essentially the same sound, although something about this one feels more nebulous and ambient. The high points are the two versions of "Viaggio Nel Tempo", a composition which can also be found on Nero, by the name of "Preparativi"-- in all its forms, this is one of my favorite tracks.

GENTI E PAESI DEL MONDO (Peoples and Countries of the World)

This one is a change of pace from the previous two, with the serious explorer, heart of darkness stuff. Here we have total paradise music, 70's exploitation-documentary Exotica with Cinecitta-style female vocals. It's really exquisite. Don't pass this up, fools. You'll need this for when you're done exploring and you need to relax with a Colada and an island gal, hopefully while doing some kind of floating.

LE ISOLE DELL'AMORE (The Island of Love)


gilhodges said...

Always loved this one ("Continete Nero"). Wonderful share!

Holly said...

All 3 lps are great, Flash! Thank you. I wish I was on a boat rather than in a coffee shop cellar - this music helps me pretend ;-)

Wilbo said...

I had never heard of Piero Umiliani before before I discovered him on your blog and I have to thank you sincerely for introducing me to his music. Your usual well written superlatives have persuaded me more than once to download music I would have ignored otherwise. I still have trouble wrapping my ear around Sven Libaek but Umiliani immediately hit all my sweet spots. Again: thank you and please keep 'm coming!

Anonymous said...

I love Piero Umiliani. I have a number of them - La ragazza fuori strada is my favorite but this might challenge it now....Thanks.

brother john said...

Thank you so much for sharing this marvellous music. Piero Umiliani is a musical god, and you are doing a great thing sharing these.