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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Savage Fever Dream of a Mambo King: Perez Prado- DILO (UGH!), 1958

I've been absent from the place for a while. I've been hangin' with my brother, climbing mountains on a daily basis and not having time to do internet. To celebrate my return, I modestly offer unto you this gargantuan mamborgasm landslide from the very king of the thing, Perez Prado. Don't expect anything like his rowdy long form exotica masterpiece Voodoo Suite (my favorite of his); instead, this record exemplifies better what you might call Prado's wheelhouse: huge, tight, ultra-fun mambo supernovas, littered with his trademark grunts. What sounds like "UGH!" is actually an incredibly enthusiastic ejaculation of the word "Dilo!" (meaning say it!), a verbal cue for his orchestra. It will pop up often.

I don't know how many 50's-era mambo records you've spun in your life. I've spun more than a few. I like the sound of the style at that time, but it's not my favorite thing in the world. Not always a lot to think about there. This record is just like all the other mambo records of its time-- except that it is perfect, and mighty, and awesome. That's sort of the Prado Promise: Power and Intensity. This is great stuff from a great man.

DILO (192)


Anonymous said...

Gave it a taste, and it's mambolicioso!!!


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