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Monday, August 16, 2010

Exotic Dream of an Andean Sun King: Elizabeth Waldo- Realm of the Incas (1961)

Here is a sublime record of Inca compositions, played on "Authentic Pre-Columbian Instruments" and served up wonderfully by Elizabeth Waldo, a so-called "Musical Archaeologist."

Have you ever found yourself listening to the wonderful records of Yma Sumac and begun to wish you could hear Les Baxter's lush, near-psychedelic, pseudo-Andean arrangements more or less straight, without Yma's hyperbolic vocal histrionics? This, perhaps, is the cure.

(Bless Ms. Sumac and her incredible gift, and may I never speak a bad word about her, but we all know her records aren't exactly "any time" records-- they take a toll. They're challenging in a way Exotica generally isn't.)

Nothing here is quite as strange as what you might find on an Yma Sumac record, but the beauty is uninterrupted and indeed also almost psychedelic in its swirling, crystalline instrumentation. This is a fantastic piece of work, and while I'm not qualified to speak to its anthropological integrity, I can attest, with vigor, that it is Musically Superb. Highly recommended.

Thanks to Closet of Curiosities for posting this one. Zip over there and check out the post (and thank the man), which reprints the back cover literature. Here's a quote:

I have found that the Indian of all areas leaves his stamp on his musical contributions as indelibly as the African leaves his mark on the better known Afro-forms. Above all, the Indian, of noble soul, strives his entire life to unite the forces of man and nature about him. -Elisabeth Waldo


Anonymous said...

Triple-dank, old boy. You go to Yma's house for the bluster, but then she has so much more to offer that you almost want to try the dish sans bluster... you are right that the tincture is here in the hands of waldo.

You mentioned that this hasn't gotten a lot of downloads. It should have so many, the most. This is true beautiful.


Anonymous said...

This is a missing link, here. Any chance you've got her other album, Pagan Rites? Or somethng?

Anonymous said...

Some great stuff!! Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

any chance at a re-up?? thanks a heap either way! cheers.


Unknown said...

Hi, thanks for your blog !! Any chance to re up please ???
Thanks a lot !