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Friday, April 13, 2018

New Album Art: Sugai Ken, Tele-N-Tech-Da

Very pleased to report a new LP cover of my design is coming out on Discrepant! The album is Tele-N-Tech-Da by the extremely excellent Sugai Ken (whose 2016 album, On The Quakefish, gets a lot of play in my world), "a kaleidoscopic radio play inspired by the traditional Japanese art of Mingei."  It's really good; I listened to it a lot while working on the cover art (which is also derived from Mingei, naturally) and found it challenging, mysterious, and highly rewarding, dense with allusion and layers of meaning yet somehow very pleasingly sparse.  Check out the Discrepant page, where Sugai Ken has included an interesting statement.

Several more cover designs & other like items to post about in the coming days.  As usual, contact me by email if you're interested in commissioning work, my studio is in full swing and looking for more projects to tackle.

And here's a gallery of most of my other designs, have a look.