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Monday, April 16, 2018

More Album Art & A Video

Two more bits of news from me today. First, check out this video I made for Barry Walker's song, "Ediacaran Moonrise" from his forthcoming album of pedal steel geologic time-dreams, Diaspora Urkontinent.

View it via the embed above or at the Gorilla vs Bear video premiere page.

The video is edited from various archival educational film reels, none of which were archived at any particularly high quality, so it inevitably has a very lo-fi look which I ultimately like a lot.  Barry's record is excellent as well, ambient diorama backdrops to the great slow drama of earth's formation, beautifully rendered in steel guitar.  Check it out here.

The next bit of new it pleases me to share is that friend of Flash Strap and comrade blogboy Spookcity, aka qualchan., has a new tape out with Andrew Weathers on Æescape Sounds, with a cover by me.  Dig the beautiful sounds and more images of the art here.  Pick up a copy for yourself, maybe.  

And here's a gallery of most of my other designs, have a look.


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On the video: sea slugs only, tranquil beach!

Great and considerate work as all times!