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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Tonight in the Explorers Room: Marathon, Prizes, Help Support WFMU!

Tonight in the Explorers Room we kick off our show's participation in WFMU's annual two-week long marathon, gathering up pledges and giving away prizes.  Come, join in the comments, and give the station some tender to keep it broadcasting the bizarre, wonderful music and utterly unique programs that it does so well, including of course The Explorers Room and all the other amazing shows on Give the Drummer Radio.

The world is upside down – maybe it always has been, but anyway, it still is.  Conditions are often bleak, the future intractably dark.  It seems like the world is bought, cooked, and soon to be drowned.  We need WFMU, not just because it's good radio, but because it's a large scale cultural project that anyone can access.  In a time when crushing, aggregated banality can be accessed via a bland cornucopia of subscription services, WFMU is right there for everyone, free, weird, and liberatory.  This doesn't just get us through another day in the proto-apocalypse, it inspires us to imagine and even demand better things – an essential revolutionary energy for human survival and emancipation.  So if you have the means, Compañeros, please donate.

Show Tonight - 7-10:00

A $20 donation to Explorers Room (see the widget at the bottom of the post) will put you in the running for one of the nine prizes below, all but one of which are vinyl LPs this week.  $75 and over will not only put you in the running but will also guarantee you the prize of this years Explorers Room premium, 3 Taboos (And Other Exotic Motifs). Obscure and lesser-known exotica, only the best and strangest pearls found hidden in my dusty collection of exotica LPs.  Curated and ripped exclusively by yours truly, the first time I've ever actually really done that.  It's pretty good, I think.


Obst Kur said...

Hi, how can I donate (I'm from europe...)?

Flash Strap said...

Just click the widget at the bottom of the post and it should walk you through. Any donation you make now over $20 (to Explorers Room) will put you in the running for a prize next week! All the best to you comrade

Obst Kur said...

Thanks for the hint! Love doin' marvelous things! And your show of course!

Flash Strap said...

Thanks friend