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Thursday, November 16, 2017

Tonight in the Explorers Room: Papayas, Mangoes & Mompos

Tonight in the Explorers Room, a sundry array of sounds and fruits from 'round the world: tomatoes and nylons, mambos and cumbias, Calypso jazz, Indonesian cha-chas, hi-fi music from Brazil, mangos and papayas.


ghost fm said...

Listening now and it's like a trip back in time even though I am not that old. By the way, I'm digging more into some haunted library records, the likes of Plantasia which you had previously covered. Would be great if you returned to those stuff in the future, too. And of course, more blog posts. I see your recent entries are about the latest radio show. But in the archives I some fascinating writings. I know it can be a time-sucking labor. But the likes of you, I believe, can stop music journalism and passion from fading away. Keep doing the great stuff.

ghost fm said...

My pick from this episode was from the Indonesian section. "Kudaku Lari" by Orkes Bukit Siguntang reminds of some pre-Islamic-Revolution Iranian traditional-pop songs. The arrangements and the atmosphere was refreshing and nostalgic.