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Thursday, October 19, 2017

Tonight in the Explorers Room: Red Velvet and Other Dollar-Bin Records I Have Loved

Every year, during its fall fundraiser, WFMU has "Singles Going Steady Week" – all DJs who choose to do so play whole shows of 45s and singles.  Here in the Explorers Room, we don't have a lot of singles, and only one working turntable at the moment, so in observance of the week's spirit if nothing else I'll be spinning extended selections from some of my most cherished dollar-bin LPs.  All vinyl, all $1 or less. Mambo, utter schmaltz, surf, private press weirdness, exotica, Hawaiiana, etc.  Let's get dustier than usual, even, and spend an evening on the floor together with some of my least-valuable, most-valued capsules of mood music.


And now a note on the WFMU fundraiser: WFMU and Give the Drummer Radio encourage, implore, beseech, cajole, and entice you to contribute to our INTO THE BLACK fundraising campaign during the month of October. If you're already a supporter, consider converting your one-time pledge into a monthly sustaining pledge. This is our SWAG FOR LIFE option, which you can join for as little as $10 per month. Tell us how much and we will charge your card for that amount each month until you say stop. THIS IS THE SINGLE BEST WAY THAT YOU CAN HELP US.

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