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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Cover Art: Visions Congo, Mulago Sound Studio (Discrepant)

Very pleased once again to say that I have another cover coming out for the Discrepant label, this time for a record by the Discrepant jefe, under the moniker Visions Congo.  Two sprawling sides of field recordings and synth, playing games with authenticity and immersion.  Here's the official blurb, which sums it up fairly well:

Visions Congo is yet another moniker from Discrepant’s head honcho, Gonçalo F Cardoso, taking Africa as a starting point to evoke the memories and re-imagined experiences of his 6-month stay in the region back in 2015.
Most of the recordings and compositions were done in the great lakes of Africa region of Uganda, Congo (DRC), Tanzania as well as the island of Zanzibar. Meshing impromptu in situ compositions with old dusty samples and his own field recordings is the go to modus operandi of Gonçalo F Cardoso's various monikers (ie Gonzo, Papillon), creating deep layered 'exotic/alien' soundscapes of various moods and feels. Here’s another series of surreal and augmented field recordings that try to brace the listener with fresh alien authenticity before toying very pointedly with antiquated constructs by mixing avant-garde dustbin synth music with concrete field recordings and humorous, tongue in cheek intersections - not to ‘ever’ be taken too seriously.
With a brand new art collage by US artist Evan Crankshaw. 

Check it out, man!  It's good stuff!

And also: for album art or related art&design needs, email me. 

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