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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Tonight in the Explorers Room: MARATHON MAN Week 2! Support WFMU!

Tune in tonight to the Explorers Room for WEEK TWO of the WFMU FUNDRAISING MARATHON.  I'll be playing awesome sounds from the various albums that are my lot to award as prizes, to you, provided you have the means, revolutionary fervor, love of music, passion for emancipated & emancipatory programming, and goodness of heart to donate to the cause, the righteous cause of keeping WFMU afloat and a-broadcasting, beaming via radiowaves and pneumatic internet tubes a multivalent, multi-platform, neverending supply of sonic sustenance for an otherwise sorely alienated world that isn't sure it feels like itself anymore.  Help, please, help. 


A pledge of $20 or more during my show will make you eligible for prizes (see above); a pledge of $75 or more will also guarantee you this years Explorers Room Premium (see below): Madness – The Feast of the Drum.  A collection of percussive ritual sorcery, imitation voodoo, bongo fetishisms, ethnographic hallucinations, the rare authentic, and throbbing mysteries from exotica's jungle night imaginary.  African drumming packaged as exotica, exotica packaged as ethnographic document, and all the ambiguities and fever dreams in between.

See the pledge widget below:

TONIGHT: Each at the forge must do their duty! Strike while the iron is hot!

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