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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Tonight in the Explorers Room: I Mean Damn, Get Out of Your Seat!

Tonight in the Explorers Room, let's completely boogie out the room with some Nigerian funk, militant disco, purplefunk squiggle music, underground dance experiments, mutant reggae, and queer cosmic allegories.  Your explorers room is now a dancefloor: how will you use it, explorer?

And then tomorrow we see how the February 17 general strike will go.  Probably not very well, particularly without a strong union involvement, but dammit that's no reason not to participate.  Don't work, don't shop.  Stay home and goof off, which, as Henry Jacobs reminds us, is a creative act of radical self-determination.  Or follow Brother D's words of wisdom: go out and AGITATE! EDUCATE! ORGANIZE!

In the meantime, see you tonight, 7:00 sharp:

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