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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room we try to deal with all this shit: "America Leads the World in Shocks"

Tune in to the Room tonight and together we will try to deal with this horrible new paradigm through music.  Also, to a lesser extent but not at all for nothing, Jean-Jacques Perrey's passing.  What a bad week in a bad year.

My heart goes out to all my brothers and sisters and comrades who are the Other of any stripe in this society.  The American "unity of negative forces" may be proud to display their hate for you, but the Explorers Room loves you, for whatever that's worth. Solidarity now as the struggle continues.


PS. It has NEVER been more important to support independent spheres like WFMU.  Please pledge TODAY, TONIGHT, NOW

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Brandon said...

happy i found this site. please continue