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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Walking Back to Waterloo: The Costume Dramas and Psychedelic Tragedies of the Brothers Gibb

Tonight's Explorers Room will spend an evening chasing down the various historical obsessions of the Bee Gees – it will be a program of unapologetic melodrama, heroic sentimentality, hastily remembered historical vignettes, bizarre period details, and a kind of boyish fixation with costume drama. Perhaps because they wrote as such a tight-knit brother-trio, the Bee Gees are some of pop music's most idiosyncratic and particular artists; they almost seem to live in a completely different reality from our own, where supporting monarchy is a rock n roll concept and anguished references to Horatio Nelson never go out of style.  Will feature dynamite harmonies, an overworked mellotron, and absolutely no selections from after 1973. 

 Tonight, at the Turn of the Century

And once again I humbly, but also sort of proudly, beg you to make dollar-style support gestures to this great and glorious enterprise that is WFMU and Give the Drummer Radio.  It is a tragic thing that doing something so good and right brings with it the reality of being constantly out of money and under threat of extinction, but it's also completely amazing that every year real human beings support its existence through personal generosity great and small.  Almost gives you some kind of hope for the species.  After all, if civilization can't keep WFMU around, then what's the point of having civilization at all?  Pledge to WFMU today, so we don't have to wake up tomorrow and realize the terrifying pointlessness of a human civilization without freeform radio to act as counterpoint to our myopic, wanton destructiveness. 


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