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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room: Walking Along, Kicking the Leaves

Tonight in the Explorers Room we try to find the exotic and sublime in the changing of the season without being super lame and pumpkin patchy about it.  I love autumn but it always freaks me out what it portends in terms of winter – seasonal depression, constant cold toes, not very exotic – so I'm trying to go into this season looking at it as more than just winter's waiting room, like it's something strange and spectacular (which it is).  Sort of a pedestrian show concept, I know, but I promise it won't be pedestrian in execution. 

And if you want to keep hearing unusual executions of bizarre/oddly specific concepts and otherwise weird, ambitious, gloriously freeform radio programs, please consider making a donation to this utterly valiant enterprise, the good ship WFMU.  It's week two of the quiet fundraiser and we still need a lot of help to keep the lights on and the needles droppin'.  There's nothing like this station anywhere else on earth, largely because things like this don't benefit the gods of big-big money, so it falls to you the mighty listener to protect the existence of WFMU.  No one else will take care of that for you, or for us: it requires a collective effort, which is sort of righteous.  Think of it like a perpetual revolution, because it is one.  Donate, and give your dollar a hero's journey.


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