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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Primordial Swamp Exotica for the Sacrificial Age: Kava Kon – Virgin Lava

A while back, I made a cover for a single, to be called Virgin Lava, by the contemporary electronic-exotica outfit, Kava Kon (in collaboration with the Kilimanjaro Dark Jazz Ensemble).  It didn't come out right away, obviously, and in the time since, Kava Kon finished and released a pretty great full-length, their third, the exotic-but-not-exactly-exotica Maritime Mysteries.

But just the other day, Virgin Lava actually dropped, and I'm very, very excited to finally hear it and spread some word about it.  Because it's even better than I'd hoped it would be (and I had high hopes based on the demos I'd heard). Three tracks of totally psychedelic swamp exotica from another dimension, dripping with jungle rain, teeming with birds and insects, haunted by wordless voices.  All three are exquisite, classically "exotica" compositions (in a way), but rich and exploratory within its formal structures, densely populated with small details and thick atmospheres, and synthy in a way that pushes the sound to an unworldly place not exclusively tied to midcentury exotica. "Dagobah Landing" even seems to be invoking Can, at times (specifically, but not exclusively, Landed, "Unfinished").  Also, a certain planet of primordial swamps.

At their best, Kava Kon gives us a vision of exotica as a living form, progressively-evolving and capable of inspiring new reveries on an old kind of wonder.  This release is one of the finer examples of this notion that I've heard – it reminds me of Jungle Obsession, and I mean that – and I highly recommend you check it out.  It's on bandcamp, I'll link to it now.  Also, check out the art! That's me, I did that.

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thank you so much for sharing this band's creations.