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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Tonight in the Explorers Room: Modern Sounds, Primitive Feelings – Martin Denny, the Prime Birdcall Years

"...a combination of the South Pacific and the Orient...what a lot of people imagined the islands to be like... it's pure fantasy though."
-Martin Denny, on his particular brand of musical Exotica
In the Explorers Room tonight we'll be conducting a survey of Martin Denny – his music, his themes, his wild animal cries – featuring some of the most interesting selections from his best Liberty LPs and a rundown of the various liner notes that accompany them.  You're going to want to listen with a cool tropical drink at hand; I recommend, for obvious reasons, the Jungle Bird.

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The Cheese Mites said...

This was an amazing show, in the truest sense of the oft overused word. Stunning and wonderful. Denny made fun, unpretentious and social music. Another great show!