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Friday, June 17, 2016

Los Dinosaurios / Cuando Los Dinosaurios Dominan La Tierra by Personal Mythologies with Art by Yours Truly

Bit of a late announcement as this came out back in April, but better late than never: check out this EP (on Hooded Records) by Personal Mythologies, LOS DINOSAURIOS, for which I did the cover art.  The B-side, "Cuando Los Dinosaurios Dominan La Tierra," is particularly choice, a totally primordial synth landscape creeping with primitive life and dark shapes.  Order a copy and it comes on white 12" vinyl, with that art I did right there, right there on the sleeve.  Pretty cool.  

''We live in a age of dinosaurs. All around us enormous, social, economic, and political behemoths lumber through destroyed environments, casting life threatening shadows over the entire planet. there is a titanic struggle taking place in our communities as Capitalist-Rex and State-asaurus struggle to fill their bellies with more resources and power while fending off the claws of competing species such as the newly savage Pterror-dacyls. The battle between these giants is terrible and rages on, but it cannot last. Evolution is against these doomed tyrants. Already their sun is dimming and the bright eyes of others gleam in the darkness, demanding something else.''

Anarchy in the Age of Dinosaurs - Technologie und das Unheimliche.

I like doing LP cover art, by the way.  I do it a lot.  Hit me up if you have needs in this department. 

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Scott Myers said...

Awesome cover art! Also, I really enjoyed your last radio show!