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Friday, May 20, 2016

Bibliotheque Exotique: Gérard Levecque & Claude Romat ‎– Africadelic's The Name N° 1&2 (MP2000, 197?)

Posting these by request. While never my favorite of the exotic library LPs that are out there, these two monster jam-filled records by Claude Romat & Gérard Levecque (with "Black Colored Drums" handling percussion on side 2 of volume 2) on the MP2000 label are nonetheless red-hot blasts of wild French Africanesque funky percussive madness and essential to any collection of bibliotheque exotique, if only for their insanely appealing covers (though thankfully, they don't have to rest on that alone). Vol. 1 in 192, unfortunately, Vol. 2 in a much nicer 320.

Africadelic's The Name N° 1

Africadelic's The Name N° 2


Anonymous said...

Many thanks!

g. said...

thank you!

Matthew Sanborn said...

Thanking you, Flash. These look to be a pair of swell listens and I have neither. Though I'm never able to live, I time travel near-weekly to listen in on The Explorer's Room. Keep up the great work,


Anonymous said...

thanks so much my brutha
this shit is da bomb

pumpkin_pirate said...

very cool thanks. Hey just a question about the track called Djidji Lights. On both albulms they sound the same . I have been looking for a different version without the wild drums in the background. do you have this?