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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Tonight's Explorers Room: Transmissions from the Electrified World of Eddie Harris

Tonight's Explorers Room will be a laid-back, highly groovy sound safari through the electrified world of the electrifying Eddie Harris.  Naturally the focus will be on Harris' experimental work: varitone sax-driven funk-jazz, swelling echoplexed chambers of sound, spoken word, singing-through-horn, and restless mad scientist adjustments to existing instruments (both swapping parts–the reed trumpet, the saxobone, etc.–and adding synthesizer components).  Harris was prolific, and at least for a time, extremely successful, but he was also a fiendishly restless, brilliant polymath, fearless of failure, who never stopped tinkering with and rewriting his sound and his methods. 

In this case, I'm not even remotely an expert on the subject; rather, newly obsessed, and still in the process of "discovering" it for myself.  Come along and discover with me these sounds–thoroughly jazzy, excruciatingly weird, intensely funky, and cosmically trippy.  7-10, my friends.



Gabriel Han said...

Just a quick note to say how much I enjoy your musical tastes & your great artwork! Thank you for your excellent and long-running endeavors which make the internet/world a better place!

Flash Strap said...

Thanks for saying so, friend Gabirel. So glad you've enjoyed