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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Tonight on Explorers Room: Australo-Jazz, Nature Documentary, Ornithology from Urban Bowerbird (7-10!)

Tonight, Explorers Room officially becomes a 3-hour show.  I know, I've built settlements in, and basically annexed, that third hour many times before.  But now it's time to absorb it entirely and afford it full statehood as a full-fledged member, and one-third of, the Explorers Room.  This is partly due to the addition of a wonderful new show, to be announced soon I'm sure, which will follow me on Thursday nights.  Exciting!

Tonight's inaugural 3-hour program will ship us out to Australia, immersing us in ornithological expedition, nature documentary soundtracks, and the unique sound of Australian jazz (as evidenced in the works of John Sangster, Don Burrows, and just a bit of influential Australian transplant Sven Libaek, who'll get a deluxe show all to himself this spring).

Most of this stuff came into my personal explorers room via the transmissions of the splendid music blog, Urban Bowerbird, and so the Bowerbird's custodian (fellow traveler Rohan) will act as our spiritual guide this evening.  In a perfect world, he would be on the show with me, leading the way into this forest of sound, but alas we are separated by the divisive structure which is this entire planet.  Come and be naturalists with us.

(Next week, we might very well be returning to Australia, for a survey of Australian kitsch, advertising, travel and tourist industry recordings, and more jewels of that stripe from Urban Bowerbird.  But we'll see–I'm always flying by the seat of imperialist jodhpurs here. Anyway, that'll happen soon.)


But while I've got you here, I just want to reiterate how great Urban Bowerbird is, and how desperately much you ought to be exploring it yourself.  Go there, spend some time.

Additionally, the proprietor of Urban Bowerbird, in addition to being a genuine naturalist, is also a musician; I've particularly enjoyed his most recent recordings, Aurora Australis, under the nym of Bronzewing.  Check it out:

I'm gonna play some of it tonight, but you should investigate on your own, and support the efforts of your fellow explorers

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