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Thursday, February 18, 2016

Tonight Explorers Room Returns to Australia (Tourism, Advertising, National Parks and more from Urban Bowerbird)

Tonight we return to Australia, this time to take a look at tourism and advertising jingles, national park music and vacation novelties, and odd gospel, as well as some soundtracks and schmaltz from Sven Libaek.  Once again with Urban Bowerbird as our spiritual guide.  Less an naturalist's daydream than last week's show, this is more a anthropological look at the banal poetry/poetry-of-the-banal and time-capsule artifacts of forgotten, more or less mainstream Australian media. 7-10, TONIGHT!



Rodrigo said...

Got here just to find a link to dl Mort Garson's Plantasia. I'm amazed of what i found... congrats for what you've done here, I'm now listening to one of your podcasts.


(my english is awful, sorry about that)

Anonymous said...

Hi from Queensland! I was playing this show and my partner said his uncle worked for Queensland National Parks & Wildlife and gave them the Nature Songs record for Christmas when they were kids. What are the odds eh?!

Love your shows, especially the Holger Czuckay one - am an absolute fan of him now.

Thanks for sharing the joy...Jane, Brisbane, Australia

Flash Strap said...

@ Rodrigo: no sorries necessary, your english is wonderful. and thanks for the kind words.

@Queensland: I'm overjoyed to hear it! Thanks for completing the cycle of joy.