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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Eden Ahbez Emergency!

If you've yet to upgrade your Eden's Island from the cruddy rip that was floating around for so long, then I have some news for you: there's a nice rip of it over at Basic Hip Digital Oddio.  But go with haste, my child, for it's only gonna be there for you until Feb. 5.  That's how things are done over there.  HURRY. 

Eden's Island is about as essential and magical as an exotica LP can get.  If you miss out on this one, I do recommend the Black Sweat reissue, which sounds great, even though they fucked up the cover like a bunch of fucking clowns.



Matthew Sanborn said...


Flash Strap said...

you missed it! The good news is, that Irv Cottler record is killer. don't sleep on it

Matthew Sanborn said...

Indeed I did. Playing the Cottler as I type and it is damn fine.

Muddy said...

It's not to late to hear it. You can stream it, but you can't download. So smile, be in harmony with nature, and eat your fruits and vegetables.