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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Explorers Room Returns, Only to Find that Bowie has Perished

Tonight, Explorers Room returns!  For good!

I had some exotic stuff lined up for this return program but then – David Bowie died.  Look, I'm sure you've all been eulogizing him and playing his records for the last four days–and god knows the peanut gallery has been piling on in their own well-meaning, know-nothing way–but I have to do a Bowie show tonight.  I have to, I have to.  Anything else would feel hollow.  Bowie is an art giant on the scale of Picasso or Stravinsky or Orson Welles, and my own admiration for his work goes far beyond fandom.  It's as though he were my mentor; at the same time, his distant genius made him feel like an Old Master, unfathomable and legendary.  He's both a sort of Leonardo da Vinci, and the professor who gave me deeper understanding of the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. 

Anyway.  Tune in and we'll really dig into some Bowie together.  I promise it will be different from the usual fare, and we'll take some less-travelled pathways into this man who meant so damn much to us all, who changed everything he touched, who was so thoughtful and brilliant and innovative and just unbelievably talented.  This incredible, restless artist who created a body of work that is and always will be unparalleled and utterly awe-inspiring.  Tonight, 7pm until question marks.



Riz said...

Couldn't agree more. I missed the show, do you have a set list or archive link for the show? Would be keen to hear your selections. Ta

Flash Strap said...

You haven't miss it yet, hoss, it's on in one hour. It will be archived tomorrow, though. Best to you

Riz said...

Great – tuning in shortly. Suffering timezone mixafication.

burntoutsavannahs said...

glad to see yr back, will be excited to hear what new exotique jams you shine a light on amigo.