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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Tonight on Explorers Room: Last Show of 2015, don't miss it now!

Tonight's Explorers Room will be the last of 2015, as I take some weeks off to move out of the blighted zone of St. Louis and to a fairer land in ol' Carolina.  I'll be back as soon as humanly possible in 2016, full of the invigorating effects of voluntary displacement and well-rested, in a Christmastime way.  So don't miss tonight!  Themes of travel and exoticism abound, as you might expect, and I'll be cramming in as much vinyl as I can before I pack all these poor beautiful discs away and ship them 'cross the country.

7-9ish Tonight! See you there!


vorbis said...

awesome. welcome to the Carolinas

Ol Scratch said...

These are such great mixes. Thank you so much for your work and have a great move to the east coast!

James said...

This is such an excellent blog. I've only just discovered it and I'm fascinated by the visual style and the use of audio here. Really interesting and unique materials.

James said...

A question - are there any social media links I can follow or add to my feeds so I don't miss anything?