Good Music We Can Know

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Tonight on Explorers Room: Ships Upon Ocean and Jungle Dreams (7-9ish EST) TONIGHT

Tune in tonight for exotica, synthi times, percussive travelogue, and more.  No big theme tonight, just lots of great music, from Brian Eno to Pete Rugolo, all-exotic. 

Also, check out my book-for-sale, or don't. There is no gun to your head, you are free.  Breathe the air and enjoy the world while it lasts. Be human.  It is a pretty cool book though; I mean, I promise it won't crush the growing lightness in your soul or anything. Think about it.

Heading for the Horizon with Full Sails


Anonymous said...

Would have mistaken those ships for a Bee Gees show, if you know what I mean. Who did those ships by the way?


Flash Strap said...

yeah, 2 true Trafalgar for sure

It's my man Brueghel, the Elda!

Bee Gees show's a-comin' though!

Anonymous said...

What happened to your show's posting at

Flash Strap said...

it hasn't been upped yet! I'll make sure that gets done now

Anonymous said...

Thank! (Meant to tell you that a month or so ago) Love the show!