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Sunday, November 1, 2015

Expedition, in Your Hands: My Book is Available Now, Check it Out

I come to you today with some exciting news: Expedition is now available.  It really is.  I've had some really wonderful reproductions made, most satisfying in quality, and am using kickstarter to sell them (and hopefully, receive enough orders/funds to have more copies made, but that's a bridge to cross if it ever arrives).

If you're unfamiliar with Expedition, you can peruse it on my websiteExpedition is a collage book that I spent two years making, assembled from hundreds of exoticist bits from books and magazines (all of which is indexed).  It's an exploration of the tropes of exotica and the beats of the adventure narrative, done with great love, deep history, and a surrealist sensibility; it is exotica, but it also critiques exotica.  If you're interested in maybe thinking about buying one, check out the kickstarter page, which has all the information and the general pitch.  It has a pretty ok video at least.  Go on, check it out, I promise it won't bore you all the way to death.

The kickstarter campaign launched a few days ago, on Thursday.  Within 24 hours, we were almost a third of the way to the goal.  As of tonight, we're over halfway.  The campaign ain't over till one minute to midnight, December first – that's a lot of time to meet the goal.  This is happening.  We're going to make it, and more. If you pledge, you will end up with a book.  If we go over the goal, that just means that more people get books. So think of it as a preorder, and order a copy, if you're interested.  There's a lot to look at in there, stuff that just doesn't register when you look at it online; plus, it's a great-looking object – and dammit, it's meant to be experienced as a book!

Anyway, the whole shebang is intensely exotic, and I really think that if you're reading this site, you'll probably like it.

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walkingtrees said...

i'm on board. happy to see this getting printed!