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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Contemporary Sound Collage of the Funky Variety: sonar lee, tomorrow's nostalgia

Here's a fellow whose work I've been enjoying over the last year or more.  Coming out of Calgary and Saigon, and operating under the name sonar lee, he's delivered a wealth of adventurously experimental sound collages, shambling along on jalopy beats and loops, littered with overlapping spoken texts, and obfuscated by mists of murkiness.  Like a muddy river, into which someone has crashed an old bootlegger rustbucket full of books and exotic pigments.  Hallucinatory, highly textual, exotic, and with a totally collagist sense of juxtaposition: how could I not dig it?

Check out this representative jam in video form:

There's a few releases on bandcamp – I'm particularly fond of omphaloskepsis [filthy jazz] (very heady revolutionary vibes), and jimjilbang muzic [ ừ ] (some serious exoticism in the mix), but I'm excited to declare that there is also a new release, called tomorrow's nostalgia, which you should totally check out.  Endless discontinuitous samples, spoken word piled like leaves in the yard, a swirling sense of remembered unreality.  Particularly dig the opening two tracks, "ventrilophenia" and "phantom tuktuk."

Check it out:

sonar lee discography

tomorrow's nostalgia


Anonymous said...

Cool find. Thank you.


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yes it's cool - thanks so much!

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