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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Tonight on Explorers Room Radio: Can members, Post-Can pt. II

Continuing on to part two of the Can members post-Can series, tonight we listen to a motley patchwork of various projects by Irmin Schmidt, Michael Karoli, Jaki Liebezeit, and Damo Suzuki. All sorts of crazy stuff tonight, from Schmidt's late 20th century avant-crooning to Liebezeit's bizarre and varied session work with other experimental European bands.

Next week, for a great big change of pace and a return to the Explorers Room wheelhouse in its strictest sense, we'll be doing all-exotica 45s for Singles Going Steady Week.  But until then, enjoy the sounds of CAAAAAAAN without CAAAAAAAAN.


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1 comment:

nikos said...

bravo man! great program, i feel every day again and again that music is unstoppable, everyday and something new something better, keep on!