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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Tonight on Explorers Room: Can, the Best Band. All Night Long.

Tonight on Explorers Room: A juicy explosion of Can monsterpieces, wall-to-wall genius music from what I consider to be the best period, from 1970-'75, Soundtracks through to Landed (sorry Mooney fans, and sorry Flow Motion, you're both still pretty good).  I'm not gonna play it too cool, I'll be throwing on a lot of the biggest, most obvious tracks (we will hear "Vitamin C," of course we will).  But I'll also play a good portion of rarities and sidestreets, juxtaposing period-appropriate obscurities with their more well-known counterparts.  If you're a big Can fan, it'll be fun to hear the tracks that have blown your mind many times over.  If you're new to Can, well, it'll be a pretty decent primer on the greatest group of musicians to ever coalesce into something like a band.  DON'T MISS IT, PSYCHEDELIC PEOPLE.  


ALSO, and this is important: WFMU is commencing with a month-long silent fundraiser.  Considering that this dark damned rock of souls that is our planet seems to be committed to crushing all things either right or good, it is crucial that the Good Ship WFMU keep sailing strong. If you are at all able, I implore you from the bottom of my wicked heart, please consider donating.  WFMU is one of the few institutions I've been involved with that didn't deserve to be burned to the ground and written out of the history books, so I really want it to last a thousand years.  Else what's the point of still having people?

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