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Friday, September 4, 2015

Adios, Ad Lib: Musax–Animaux 2 - Arnaud Rozenblat and Dominique Verdan (1980? earlier?)

A bit of sad news: Maio's Library (font of library treasures) has shuttered its facade and shut down (it was a little while ago, actually, but I just noticed). In a refreshing twist on the old tale, Maio actually chose to close it down, and did so of his own volition, for personal reasons–which beats yet another reiteration of the old coerced-to-self-destroy blog obituary narrative.  The loss still stings.  So long and thanks for everything, Maio's Library.

Some of my favorite discoveries over there came from the Musax label, which I'd not really heard of until it popped up at Maio's spot.  I'd love to share one of those with you today, those of you who've not heard it: Animaux 2, by Arnaud Rozenblat and Dominique Verdan.

It's one of those classic records that takes a simple concept–themes for various animals, a sort of non-existent documentary soundtrack–and runs with it, taking it to supremely weird places.  Sort of murky and foreboding, the sound is reminiscent of Umiliani's Continente Nero-esque work (particularly with the ambling, echoey hand drums, low mellotron drones, and wide open folk flutes), but with more culty guitars, cheapie drum machines, and long lines of rough reverb.  One absolute highlight is "Etranges Autruches"("Strange Ostriches," which you may have heard on Bibliothèque Exotique Volume 2), an utterly bizarre series of weirdo instrumental interjections, boinging and stabbing, rattling and clanging, in vaguely disorganized fashion, over a doofy keyboard beat while a synth noodles away in the distance.  Somewhere between Popol Vuh and Ennio Morricone at in one of his more anarchic moods.  The whole record is befuddling delight.

Musax: A N I M A U X  2 (Varying bitrates, mostly pretty low.  Wish it were better, but at least it is at all)

ON ANOTHER NOTE: Check the sidebar here to see an archive of all previous Explorers Room episodes (Explorers Room Radio Library), with their original post image and description.  I've started removing the original posts after a few weeks so as to unclutter the main page.  Of course, you can also just check it all out right here on the WFMU site.

AND, stay tuned for news about the book, my book: EXPEDITION.  It is really, truly coming this time, and will be available for preorder (likely via a kickstarter, alas) within the month.


DonHo57 said...

Mairov has another outstanding site.

walkingtrees said...

cheers to the book. i'm on board for the kickstart!

Mischa said...

Thanx for this gem, reminds me a bit of some of Bruno Nicolai's stuff...
Lovely record indeed :-)

PAS said...

Ah, I just found out, what a bummer! That was an excellent page, this other one of his was not half as interesting Im afraid, alright no doubt, but the library page was amazing.

crazyflamingodolphins said...

Oddly enough I actually downloaded pretty much everything on that blog to my harddrive before it shut down, so if anyone has something in particular in mind, email me at and ill see what i can do for you ;)