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Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tonight on Explorers Room! – American Puberty: Beach Boys on the Treacherous Road to Manhood

Explorers Room returns tonight with an exploration of the Beach Boys' early work.  A safari of the Pre-Pet Sounds dynasty: exhortations of boyhood, yearning for manhood, and the gradual takeover of emotional interiority from the affectations of surfin'/hot roddin' as a way of life – all set, of course, against a backdrop of West Coast endless summer culture and with an alarmingly rapid increase in compositional sophistication.

To be followed up, in the coming weeks, with a deep dive into the dark waters of the unstable Post-Pet Sounds era, where some of my favorite songs of all time lie, waiting.



Anonymous said...

Before the gregetables took hold of their beach bods.


Flash Strap said...


mat3o said...

Loving the Explorers Room shows! Any chance the shows will be available for download for offline enjoyment?