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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Babalucolage and Never Enough Taboos: Tino Contreras - Jazz Tropical (1962)

I posted this one a couple years ago, just as a link to Sleepy Lagoon.  Lagoon being gone, I figured it best to do a new post with a fresh link.  This is a great record; unfortunately it's ripped at a stinkin' low bitrate.  Alas.

Contreras is a Mexican drummer-bandleader with a strong facility for syncretic influence-absorption.  His mix of jazz (many faces of jazz), Latin music (in all its multivalent splendor), and exotica/eastern-modalities/experimentalism makes him a singularly fascinating figure at the crowded intersection of Exotica and Latin jazz.  Perhaps the best illustration of this can be found on Jazzman's highly-recommended compilation, El Jazz Mexicano De Tino Contreras, but this awesome record, Jazz Tropical, is a strong contender as well.

It certainly has lots of Latin/Exotica classics: "Poinciana," "Taboo," "Andalucia," "Caravan," "La Malaguena."  And all great, of course.  It doesn't have his weirdest stuff, like those notoriously-employed choral vocals, or the intense modal workout of a track like "Ravi Shankar" (both of which can be found on the aforementioned comp), but it's just a really good jazz attack on a bunch of Latin/Exotica themes and compositions, and it's a blast.  On a less well-trodden note, the best track is probably "Orfeo en los Tambores," which has some really huge Lecuona Cuban Boys-style vocals.  "Noche en Tunisia" is really good too.

Hit me up with an upgrade if you have one, anybody.  This one deserves to be heard at at least 320.

One last thing: there will be no Explorers Room this week.  I'll be back the week after, with Bibliotheque Exotique 3, so stay tuned if you please.  I'm also working on a post for Buddy Collette's incredible work of genius, Polynesian Suite, and it too is ripped at an appalling bitrate; allow me to once again solicit the world for a better copy of it before I publish the post.

JAZZ TROPICAL (159) Check the comments for a slightly better 192 rip (though I haven't had a chance to listen to it yet so I can't vouch for it).  Thanks to Mischa!


L:) said...

Wonderful share, FS!

I only have heard the 2LP-compilation "El Jazz Mexicano de Tino Contreras", which I enjoy immensely. :)))

Anonymous said...

Really great album. Thank you!

AmericanSamourai said...

Thanks, FlashStrap!

DonHo57 said...

It is a fun album. Thanks, FS.

Kevin said...

Great stuff! Thanks!

Mischa said...

Thanx for re-upping this one ! Great record ! I asked you like 2 weeks ago to re-up, but I couldn't the meantime I got it somewhere else (don't remember where). I got a good 192kbps rip. If you want it here's the link :

You can use it as a replacement on your blog or not, whatever you feel like :-)

Mischa from Amsterdam.

Flash Strap said...

Thanks man! Sorry I was slow on the draw, but I'm glad you scored a better copy. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Anders Olofson said...

Love the things you´re posting and the radiostuffs!
Thanks alot!
Gothenburg, Sweden

Matthew Sanborn said...

Flash, my man, long time no see. Is there any way you could find the time to post the copy of Polynesia you spoke of in this post? I have been on safari for this beauty of a record for years and cannot find it anywhere (low bitrate or otherwise). If so, thanks, and if not, no hard feelings. Explorer's Room and Expedition are still keeping me warm at night. Chin chin,