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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Science Fiction Fantasy Dioramas from Library Masters: Piero Umiliani- Tra Scienza e Fantascienza (1980); Roger's New Conception- Informatic 2000 (1982)

Here's a couple transcendent glimpses into science fiction worlds from two (or three, really) of the shining stars of library music.  I know these are rather old news for those who troll these bloggy waters, but with the landscape changing as quickly as it has been over the last few years, I figure it's nothing but good to keep these old links alive.  Though I sure wouldn't mind some upgrades.

This 1980 LP from Umiliani's own Omicron label (and under the pseudonym Moggi) is one of the first Umiliani records I'd ever heard (was it from 36-15 Moog? How can those days be so long ago now?), and a big hook for myself getting into him.  It's perfect science fiction music.  It achieves what it sets out to do with aplomb and beyond. This is a highlight of a majestic ouvre, and one of the most fun of his many electronic records.

It's also one of those lovely miracles of good album art.  The imagery is the perfect accompaniment to the music, evoking some equally-weird nonexistent companion piece to Fantastic Planet.

Particularly exemplary are "Cowboy Spaziale," "Bric Brac," and "Officina Stellare," but this whole slab is gold.

TRA SCIENZA E FANTASCIENZA (192, anyone have an upgrade?)

Equally good science fiction soundtracking music, and from an equally stellar body of consistently tremendous work, is Roger Roger and Nino Nardini's 1982 Crea Sound LP Informatic 2000 (credited to "Roger's New Conception").  This is as ecstatic and fresh as any of the best work this team has ever done.  The title track is one of the best library tracks I'll probably ever hear, and "Expectation" is a chunky, clunky delight.

INFORMATIC 2000 (again, 192)


Henk Madrotter said...


the saucer people said...

I totally agree about making these two library classics available again as there is always a new audience emerging and of course had the initial posters not done so, none of us would have probably come across what are still relative obscurities in the grand scale of things.

I think it was either Painted On Smile, Moog 36-15 or Paul Durango's blog that they first emerged on, like yourself, this (or possibly Synthi Time) were my first introduction to the electronic side of Umiliani's music (I had heard a few soundtracks by him before but they were a tad too traditional for my tastes).

Anyway, here is a 320 update to the 192 rip that you posted. I don't know which kind soul ripped it but it was taken from the Beat label's 2013 CD reissue.

I posted it on MF & ZS so feel free to post both links:

Unfortunately, the Informatic 2000 album has not as far as I know, been reissued so a better quality rip will be harder to come by, but here is hoping as it is one of my favourite library records as well (both are testament to the fact that great library albums were been produced in the early eighties and it wasn't all Brutonesque cheese-synth).

Anonymous said...

made my day as always, merci!

prof.logik said...

Thanks for the great tunes...and just a heads up the link for INFORMATIC 2000 is down.

Thanks again Flash Strap

prof.logik said...

Never mind my last is working properly now Flash Strap.

the saucer people said...

I forgot to add this to the 320 rip...

Here is a high quality image of the front cover of the Piero Umiliani Tra Scienza E Fantascienza album without the text! Perfect for tee-shirts and framing!

E T H I C S said...

Thank you SO MUCH for both of these. I love anything by Piero