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Friday, March 27, 2015

Death is Just Around the Corner: Flash Car- Lady Lindy (new single)

Flash Car's new single is out now over at bandcamp.  It's called "Lady Lindy," and it's so good.  It's just great.  Check it out.  I had the honor of being enlisted to do the cover art, so that which you see above is indeed one of mine.  Now go enjoy the tunes.


the saucer people said...

Though I mainly listen to library music, early electronic music and cosmic disco these days, I do like the track.

Reminds me a little of one of my favourite bands from here in the UK from the early eighties called "Yeah Yeah Noh" or the music of Frank Sidebottom as well as the music that featured on the recent film, loosely based on his life, called, not unsurprisingly, 'Frank'.

If you haven't heard any or all of the above, or seen the film, I think it would be inspiring for the band.

Good cover art as well! As a Photoshop user myself, I commend the smoothness of the collage and the colours work really well.

Anonymous said...

might i add: "lady lindy" is a sweet treat, a smart and surprising meandering ditty, sunny one minute and strange the next. i love it so much, i want the whole internet to know.

for it will help ward off impending doom,