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Monday, July 14, 2014

Flash Strap Presents: Bibliothèque Exotique Volume 3- Orientalism (Japonisme, Chinoiserie, Primitivism, Arabesque)

Ok, here we go: Volume 3: Orientalism.  Opening with an extended sojourn through Southeast Asian timelessness & mysticism, then on to some Chinoiserie and Japonisme, a brief interlude of classic cradle-of-civilization prehistory primitivism, then onto the various Arabesques of Mid-East/North African Orientalism.

Quite often in exotica, I find myself less invested in the sundry Asianisms of the Western exotic imagination.  My purview is decidedly Afro-esque, Pacific/Polynesian, and South American tropicalismo.  Because of this bias, I worried that this collection would be less interesting than the others.  I worried so.  I needn't have–these compositions are amazing, and this collection has ended up being a real favorite of mine.  I am invigorated anew in appreciation of the fevered Orientalist imagination.  Below you'll find the tracklist:

1. Oriental Mystique (Parry Music Ltd.: Around the World Vol. 3)–Harry Forbes
2. Forest Song (Thailand); (Forever Records: Mondial Folk Synthesizer III (Estremo Oriente-Africa))–Marcello Giombini
3. Asiatic Dream (TeleMusic: Electro Sounds Vol. 2)–Bernard Estardy
4. Oriente Contemplativo (Prima: Oriente Oggi)–Rino De Filippi
5. Shan (Edipan: La Muraglia Asiatica)–Bruno Nicolai
6. Aka (Edipan: La Muraglia Asiatica)–Bruno Nicolai
7. Oriente Magico (Prima: Oriente Oggi)–Rino De Filippi
8. Samurai (Penta Flowers/Gemini Music Library: Alpha Percussion)–Giovanni Cristiani (with M. E. Tozzi & Helmut Laberer)
9. Hanoi, The Pearl (Vietnam); (Forever Records: Mondial Folk Synthesizer III (Estremo Oriente-Africa))–Marcello Giombini
10. Ciam (Edipan: La Muraglia Asiatica)–Bruno Nicolai
11. Garuda (Bruton: East Meets West)–Orlando Kimber/John Keliehor
12. Pagode Illuminee (Disques Magellan: Patchwork Orchestra 5- Cosmic Sounds/China Moods)–Roger Davy
13. Hong Kong Song (Auvidis: Alchimie Floue)–Philippe Feret
14. Le Quartier de Wanchai (Disques Magellan: Patchwork Orchestra 5- Cosmic Sounds/China Moods)–Roger Davy
15. Dans les Rues de Shanghai (Disques Magellan: Patchwork Orchestra 5- Cosmic Sounds/China Moods)–Roger Davy
16. Trasparenza Orientale (Prima: Oriente Oggi)–Rino De Filippi
17. Singapore Girl (Happy Records: Jürgen Franke And The Pop Flutes ‎– Pipers)–Nick Frazer
18. The Lights of Hong Kong (Apollo Sound: Colours in Rhythm Vol. 8; composer: J. Gyulai-Gaal)–Budapest Radio Orchestra
19. Kyoto Gardens (Bruton: East Meets West)–Orlando Kimber/John Keliehor
20. Lullaby Of India (Chappell: Dance & Mood Music Vol. 10)–Tony Seattle
21. Eastern Ritual (Bosworth: International Potpourri)–The International Orchestra/Peter Sander
22. Indian Cobra (Jump: Urubamba; composer: G. Barigozzi)–Tropicals
23. Procession In Lhasa (Tibet); (Forever Records: Mondial Folk Synthesizer III (Estremo Oriente-Africa))–Marcello Giombini
24. Eastern Promise (Bosworth: Let's Go Solo / Rock Beat / Drums & Percussion)–Jonny Dean
25. Medio Oriente - Un Deserto In Evoluzione (Iller: Terzo Mondo)–Pelleus & Vivika
26. Primitivo (Edipan: Tempo Sospeso)–Bruno Nicolai
27. Nuraghi (Fly: Looking Around)–Santucci & Scoppa
28. Valle Dei Templi, "Valley of the Temples" (Full Records: Interiezioni)–L. Sordini
29. In Search Of The Past (Musical Touch Sound: Evasion)–Dominique Andre
30. Secret City (Bruton: Explorer)–John Cameron
31. Rediscovered Temples (Sonoton: Scenic Sequences)–Claude Larson
32. Fairy Tale (Coloursound Library: Contemporary Pastoral and Ethnic Sounds)–Joel Vandroogenbroeck & W. Rockman
33. Gondwana (Coloursound Library: Lost Continents)–Joel Vandroogenbroeck
34. Homo Africanus (Coloursound Library: Birth of Earth)–Joel Vandroogenbroeck & S. Burdson
35. Migrations Mu (Coloursound Library: Lost Continents)–Joel Vandroogenbroeck
36. Arabian Synthetyzer (Omicron: Synthi Time)–Piero Umiliani
37. Turkish Delight (Bosworth/Trunk: Super Sounds of Bosworth)–The Ebbinghouse Sound
38. Arabiana (E.C.A.P.: Top Instrumental Music)–Guy Des Joncs
39. Notte A Bagdad (RCA Italiana: Style)–Gianni Oddi
40. Ahmedabab Theme (Chappell: Dance & Mood Music Vol. 6)–Jean-Claude Petit Et Son Orchestre
41. Islam Blues (Telemusic: Continental Pop Sound)–Pierre-Alain Dahan
42. Travel Turkey (Capitol: Media music release n°1-Travel the World)–Ib Glindemann
43. Maghreb (Mondiophone: Music Around The World Vol. 1)–Georges Teperino
44. Arabia (Strange fanfare leading into bizar scene); (Kuckuck & C. Brull Ltd.: Soundtrack)–Georg Deuter
45. Tensione in Medio Oriente (Le Monde: Videomusic No.1)–Peymont
46. Far Out East (Parry Music Ltd.: Around the World Vol. 3)–Frances Ruffino
47. Maharadjah Adventures (Charles Talar Records: Space Dream)–Flash Resonance (Alan Feanch)
48. The Eastern Question (CAM: Habitat)–The Fine Machine
49. Arabian Valley (Patchwork: Flutissimo)–Teddy Lasry



AmericanSamourai said...

Thanks, FlashStrap!

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Thanks for all of these! You are wonderful! Yay!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! --Bill

Anonymous said...

Can you tell me what the instrument is on track 29 about 22 seconds in? It comes in only for a moment.

Flash Strap said...

if you're talking about the sound i think you're talking about, then I'm pretty sure that's a flexatone:

Rob said...

Dear Flashsstrap.
Your Bibliotheque Exotique series is fantastic. Thankyou for taking the time to program this great music.

Anonymous said...

Once again, thanks for the effort and the sharing.

Doug S. said...

Loving the hell out of these. Thanks!

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Thanks a lot - great stuff!

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Thanks for these comps.

Andrea said...

Just wanted to say thanks for all of the treasures. Just spent the last few hours on your blog and found many new favorites.

Kir Ikslor said...

I love your site and the series. That said part 1 of Vol.3 I cannot open. Message said file is either unknown or corrupted. Thanks again for all your effort/work-you have a great site!


Flash Strap said...

Just try re-downloading, it should work fine

Holly said...

So, so good, Flash - thank you!

Mischa said...

Hi, I just wanted to thank you for all your beautiful posts !
I'm a proffesional musician living in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
I love your blog, explanations and especially your strange and beautiful selections.
Just downloaded exotique 3 / orientalism & I love it !
I'm not into social networking and that kind of boring stuff so replying to my comment will be difficult,
Thanx again & keep em coming :-) !!!

Mischa said...

Hi, just wanted to thank you again ( and again and again ) for al the beautiful stuff on your blog !!!
Wanted to return the favor in some way so I uploaded a little something on we transfer for you.
Hope you like it...

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KKRSTFF said...

Flash! i´ve been listening to all volumes over the last weeks and want to say THANK YOU! much appreciation for your work compiling these amazing pieces. keep it up!
greets from germany