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Monday, July 7, 2014

Flash Strap Presents: Bibliothèque Exotique Volume 2- Jungle-Safari-Wildlife

I'm super pleased on this day to present volume two in my bibliothèque quest.  This one is probably my favorite, all avant-film-jazz and classic library synths, a weird plunge into the heart of jungle darkness, native ritual, safari scenes, and wildlife encounter.

Stay tuned for the next three: Orientalism and primitivism/prehistory; super heavy jungle grooves and seaside paradise; and exotic e-music and electropop, respectively.  Volumes 3&4 next week, and #5 the week after.  If you're interested, that is.

Here's the tracklist:

1. Safari (Fonit: C 264 Caratteristici)–Mario Migliardi
2. Jungly (Musical Touch Sound: Evasion)–Dominique Andre
3. Merry Forest (Montparnasse: Interfrequence)–Ariel Kalma
4. Jungle's Orchestra (CBS: April Orchestra Vol. 47)–Serge Bulot
5. Amazon Trail (Peer International Library: Reggae for Real)–The Ian Langley Group
6. Ballet Vaudou (Mondiophone/Crea Sound: 7 Drums Concerto; with Nino Nardini)–Camille Sauvage
7. Lions Dance (Congo); (Forever Records: Mondial Folk Synthesizer III (Estremo Oriente-Africa))–  Marcello Giombini
8. Peruviana (Bota Fogo: The Easy Listening Group Vol.1)–Deschidado & Miniello
9. African Dream (Montparnasse: Percussions Dans L'Espace)–Janko Nilovic
10. Accadde A Bali (Squirrel Records: Accadde A.......)–Arawak
11. Urubamba (Jump: Urubamba; composer: G. Barigozzi)–Tropicals
12. Balimba (Nakara: Nakara Percussions)–S. Olivier Nakara Percussions
13. Pygmelium (Musical Touch Sound: Evasion)–Dominique Andre
14. Flute Safari (Jump: Urubamba; composer: Chiarosi)–Tropicals
15. Africa - Dalla Rhodesia Al Festival Di Dakar (Iller: Terzo Mondo)–Pelleus & Vivika
16. Savage Trumpet (Telemusic: Musique En Stock Vol. 2)–Pierre Dutour
17. Jungle Soul (Chappell: Dance & Mood Music Vol. 6)–Jean-Claude Petit Et Son Orchestre
18. Strange Journey Pt. 2 (Chappell: LPC 1049)–Johnny Hawksworth
19. Bali (Omni: Niente)–Gruppo D'Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza 
20. Amazon River (Jump: Urubamba; composer: O. Rocchi)–Tropicals
21. Amazônia (Aguamanda: Magia Erotica)–Hareton Salvanini
22. Ode to an African Violet (Homewood: Plantasia)–Mort Garson
23. Savana Melody (L'Illustration Musicale: The Strange World Of Bernard Fevre)–Bernard Fevre
24. Zèbres Observés, "Zebras Observed" (Musax: Animaux 2)–D. Verdan
25. Night At The Waterhole (Conroy: Modern Mixture)–Sam Sklair & Gus Galbraith
26. Sahara Sunrise (KPM: Afro Rock)–John Cameron
27. Lucky Dance (Australia); (Forever Records: Mondial Folk Synthesizer III (Estremo Oriente-Africa))–Marcello Giombini
28. Etranges Autruches, "Strange Ostriches" (Musax: Animaux 2)–D. Verdan
29. Desert Ritual (Standard Music Library: Activity/Travel/Dramatic)–John Sangster
30. Swamp (De Wolfe: The Art of Synthesizer)–Sam Spence
31. On The Way To The Jungle (Musical Touch Sound: Evasion)–Dominique Andre
32. Guerriglia Nella Giungla, "Guerilla in the Jungle" (Le Monde: Videomusic No.1)–Peymont
33. Jungla (TRY Records: Drugstore)–Tony Iglio
34. Garo (Edipan: La Muraglia Asiatica)–Bruno Nicolai
35. Sick Chick (Music Scene: Jungle Birds)–Franco Godi
36. Flock (Montparnasse: Percussions Dans L'Espace)–Janko Nilovic
37. Jeux des Lémuriens Gais "Games of the Gay Lemurs" (Musax: Animaux 2)–D. Verdan
38. Hunting Birds (Music Scene: Jungle Birds)–Chiarosi
39. Les Oiseaux Exotiques (Montparnasse: Un Homme Dans L'Espace)–Janko Nilovic
40. Snaky (Musical Touch Sound: Evasion)–Dominique Andre
41. Cobra (Shepherds Bush Library Music: The Sound Gallery)–Stephane Gremaud, Fabien Chevallier, Jean Claude Deblais
42. Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant (Homewood: Plantasia)–Mort Garson
43. Bird (L'Illustration Musicale: Strictly Rhythmical / Rhythmical Melodies)–Eddie Warner
44. Pachydermes & Cie (TeleMusic: Retrospectives)–Hervé Roy & Pierre Bachelet
45. Jungle Theme (William B. Tanner Co.: SPM 162)–William B. Tanner
46. Animal Chase (Bruton: Wildlife)–Nigel Shipway
47. Mysterious Bali (Coloursound: Contemporary Pastoral and Ethnic Sounds)–Joel Vandroogenbroeck & F. Voelxen
48. Tiger in the Night (Columbia: The Primeval Rhythm Of Life)–Mandingo
49. Fuga Degli Indigeni, "Escape of the Natives" (Le Monde: Videomusic No.1)–Peymont
50. African's Woods (Montparnasse: World News)–Cecil Wary
51. Intact Nature (Sonoton: Biology)–Walt Rockman


As usual, I've hotlinked several of the tracks, particularly when said tracks were sourced from Boxes of Toys.  Please check the links out and give Gianni a thanks.  I have not done the same for another major resource, Maio's library, partly because he is not the original ripper of anything (merely a noble curator, like myself, and thus less in need of particularized credit), and partly because it would be exhausting.  It's a big collection, and you should check it out and give thanks.  Other major sources make it a habit to remain obscure, but let it be known I am grateful to them.

ALSO: Mr. Schulkind of the truly superb radio program, Give the Drummer Some on WFMU, will be playing a passel of selections tonight at 6-7 pm (Eastern Time).  Give it a listen, live if you're in the area, or streaming here.  He previously played a generous grouping of selections from the previous volume on his entirely excellent July 4th show, which is archived and can be listened to here.  I don't have to tell you guys, but Doug runs a consistently great program, give him a holler if you enjoy the show.


Bayta said...

Oh shit, this looks so tasty. Right up my alley. Thanks a bunch!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU! Volume 01 was the soundtrack to my weekend and I am so looking forward to this. Glad to hear there are more volumes to come!

Easywind said...

Hello Flash Strap!

1000thanks for this great & wonderful va-compilation! And I say: THANK YOU! for ALL THE MUSIC you shared, within the last years! I love your blog - your taste in music & your unique & fascinating style in arts!

In case, that you are interested in other funky stuff - please visit my YouTube channels - where I try to publish my favourite music.

Easywind Movie Nuggets

Easywind Funky Dope

Easywind Spaghetti Western

Yours Andy (Easywind)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, thanks a lot Flash. First one was awesome, I bet this is one is awesome as well.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much - I loved the first volume. You post some excellent music.

DonHo57 said...

Even curators deserve thanks and appreciation for their hard work putting things in order and displaying others' works. Thank you...this is good stuff!!!

Steinar said...

Beautiful! Thanks a lot for this share and the other shares!

Henk Madrotter said...


Will be playing a lot of these songs in my little backpacker hotel in downtown Bandung for sure :)

I'm busy with a pretty big Arthur Lyman post on my blog, you might like some of the records I'm putting there, got my hands on a whole bunch of them all in absolute mint condition, some were even still sealed up, terrific stuff......

Flash Strap said...

Henk, that's exciting news. Lyman's full catalogue, particularly the later works obviously, has never been all that well documented. Looking forward to hearing those.

AmericanSamourai said...

Thanks, FlashStrap!

Hyde said...

the first one of these was AMAZING, so I'm sure this'll be good too. Thanks so much for these! (And also your Piero Umilani comps, which are also fantastic...)

Greta said...

Hi Flash,
it's Greta from the forum. Big fan of your comps and your style.
I'm passionating following this series, which is simply beautiful.
Thanks a lot for your brilliant job.
Looking forward for the next three beauties.


HammerandNails said...

Thanks Flash… Great mixes. Nobody does it better!

Anonymous said...

Thanks! This looks to be the perfect soundtrack to the heatwave kicking in next week. Right on!

Unknown said...

Very excited to submerge myself into Vol 2. The first volume brought a magical atmosphere for a night shared with friends under July's super moon. Thank you!

Flash Strap said...

Thanks everyone! Greta, I'm particularly pleased that you enjoyed these!

Holly said...

As always, tons & tons of thanks Sir Flash! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Flash!
Discovered this treasure trove of strange sounds and am currently exploring your Bibliothèque Exotique series.
I think the tracks of this volume 2 don't match the sequence in the track list.
Can you clear this please?

Great job anyway! :)

safe-as-milk said...

Any chance of posting the Ian Langley album in full?

Flash Strap said...

@Safe: good idea. Soon.

@anonymous: what problems are you observing?

belatedly @ Holly: you're more than welcome