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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Art That I Made & Music to Hear: Weller- Weller, I (2014)

Over the past year, I have had the great pleasure of conferring and conspiring with my old friend Nathan Toben on his new musical endeavor, Weller-- mainly I have supplied the album art and packaging (which developed out of long and elaborate creative conversations), but also the occasional note, oblique strategy, or basic sounding-board service.  I also recently created a music video for one of the tracks.

The album, Weller I, is a lovely work of esoteric pop obsessiveness in a grand tradition of auterist cult records, outsider or loner pop, and idiosyncratic psychedelia.  I recommend it.  Check it out, it dropped officially earlier this week.  If you buy a physical copy of the album, you'll have the added benefit of my artwork resting in your hot little hands.

Official site


Watch the video:


Anonymous said...

This is awesome! Your video is cool too

Anonymous said...

Just to say I found this blog only by accident and then heard this musc of Weller and I found it very meaningful to my lufe and wept for an hour to many of the beautiful sentiments. My life has been hard at times and this music speaks to that hardship with kindness. thank you for sharing this to the world and tank you to Weller for making it. you have a special gift.