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Friday, February 7, 2014

Collages Musicales: Antropoloops

I just want to take a moment to say that I really like this project and I admire the way it's carried out: Antropoloops.  Sound collages of music from various far-flung regions, full of interesting juxtapositions and propelled by infectious rhythm, each track accompanied by a world map (detailing each geographic point from which a fragment is derived) and individual art (a collage assembled from the LP covers of each of the fragments).  This is how it should be done, in my opinion, and it has my profound respect as a fellow artist, collagist, collector, and student of cross-cultural exchange and phenomena.

It's also really good, musically, and fun to listen to.  No imposed beats, no extraneous gestures towards contemporaneity, and really good, smart construction that's exciting to listen to-- both aesthetically and textually-- as it unfolds. 

Go check out the site, listen to the tunes, drop a comment if you please-- and download the mixtape, I doubt you'll regret it.

A bit of explanation, from the site:

This project is like a celebration. A celebration of the diversity of musical expressions in different cultures and historical moments. And a celebration of the amazing possibilities that the web offers as far as knowledge sharing and the collective construction of a common public domain.
I have always been fascinated by the presence of something close and familiar in distant and culturally alien music. I think this project responds in part to this fascination, or at least i see it as a way to work with it.
All songs uploaded are based on a fragment of a song, to which other fragments are added following a set of minimal rules:
  1. The tone is not changed, all loops are in their original tones
  2. Only small time adjustments are made so that the original character of the song does not vary in excess.
  3. Working with 8 tracks, there are a maximum of 8 loops playing together 


brown beard said...

that's some dope shit! Thanx for the tip flash.

walkingtrees said...

really cool stuff here. i love the imagery the two of you create. i've got stacks of decades worth of nat geos hidden somewhere. may have to try my hand at some collage work some rainy day ;)

rubén alonso said...

Hi! its a great pleasure to appear in this blog, where i've found so many good records! :) thanks

Unknown said...


walkingtrees said...

this stuff is life affirming.

primitiveequations said...

thorough loop research work