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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Flash Strap Mixtape on Magia Negra Tomorrow *Updated*

In a follow-up to the interview at Magia Negra, I wanted to let you all know that they also asked me to put together a mixtape, and that that mix will be airing at 1pm tomorrow (that's 1pm Portugal time, so that would be, I think, 8am US East coast).  You can check it out here at RUC's site, or just go straight to the live feed.

I'll also post a link when they put an uploaded version on the Magia Negra site, but I thought I would do this post now for the benefit of those of you out there who are either invested in the magic of hearing live radio live, or whose schedules overlap at all with that time.  Thanks for listening, and I'll be back soon with new posts.

UPDATE: here's the link to that mix.  Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

cant wait!!

Anonymous said...

Dear FlashStrap Evan, I really enjoyed that interview and have been enjoying your musical selections over here
at Flashstrap. I am glad the world famous University of Coimbra, Portugal (one of the oldest in Europe) decided to give you some excellent airplay. I listen to them and they are very cool.
I was wondering about the question they have asked you , "...Can you tell 10 records that you consider mind blowing"... Could you post some of these recordings here for us to listen? I am curious to know more.

Flash Strap said...

Hi Max,
thanks for the kindnesses. Some of those mentioned can be found here on the blog (Doris duke, alice coltrane, Duo Ouro Negro, disover america, etc.) and the rest ought not to be to hard to locate elsewhere on the web. Good luck, and let me know if you need something specific.

Mr Haze said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant.

Really love the blog and loving the mixtape.

Did I say brilliant? BRILLIANT!

laura said...

hi there! cool mix!
i was wondering, if it isn't too much of a bother, could you upload this rad mix as a playlists, as you always do? i like to have separate tracks, since i often create mixes myself
thanks in advance
lots of love from spain :)