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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Flash Strap Interview with Magia Negra (now with link)

Magia Negra, the excellent black magic-and-music radio show on Portugal's RUC, just published an interview with yours truly.  Please check it out, if you like.  It's a sprawling chitchat across a wide range of subjects related to music, art, culture, and collecting.

And while you're indulging me, please check out my artist website.  It has just a few choice things on display now, but it will soon be bursting with content, once I finish fully documenting my book.

New music posts coming soon.


Zen said...

Ever since I first found this blog I've been a fan of your collage work! a link to that interview for us, or was it live only?

Flash Strap said...

aw gee what a dope i am
i thought there was a link, i thought it all dumb day

fixing that now

Anonymous said...

beautiful pictures man! Waiting for the new content! Thanks for this beautiful blog which has put me in touch with so much great music.


burntoutsavannahs said...

love the interview & thanks for the shout out you old dream boat you.

walkingtrees said...

nice work friend! can i ask for any movie recommendations that would flow in the same veins as your imagery and sounds here on this blog??

Anonymous said...

Oh Papa Flash, you are so learn-ed...such a great interview Flash. It just affirms the reason why I keep returning to your blog on a weekly basis because you know what you're talking about.

I found your blog over a year ago while searching for Eden Ahbez and so grateful for finding you ever since. I just trust you, everything you post is awesome and whatever I download from you I listen to it immediately. Most of the time, I end-up obsessing over it and listening to it over and over again. Anyway, Flash I just want you to know in case it's not said enough - I really appreciate what you do here. I love your insight, your writing and of course your music taste...ha!

Flash, I'm dedicating this to you - since you were interviewed by a Portuguese radio show. This is my favourite Portuguese singer.

What I really wanted to send you is this:

she covered it, but it was banned during Salazar's dictatorship. This is the alternate version of the song:

Thanks Flash!:)


PS - I bookmarked your website..holy shit...what you have so far is absolutely gorgeous!

Flash Strap said...

Aw shucks, O-- thanks for the kind words. Double-thanks for your trust and the privilege of your audience. Love the music, do have any files in that vein worth sharin' around?

Walking trees- I love movies, man. Let me just quickly list a few in line with the art:

Three Caballeros, absolutely

Blue Hawaii and Beach Party (and the rest in that Beach Blanket Bingo family)

Poirier's Brazza film, among others

Shanghai Gesture

all 4 Paradjanov films

Kon Tiki

Murnau and Flaherty's Tabu (haven't seen Moana yet, but it might be good too)

The two films of Fritz Lang's "Indian epic"

Douglas Fairbanks' Thief of Baghdad and Black Pirate

Errol Flynn's Seahawk

all Herzog's jungle-themed movies, esp. Aguirre, Fitzcarraldo, Cobra Verde

Eisenstein's Que Viva Mexico! is so amazing

If you watch the first 3 or 4 James Bond films and just key into all the exoticist consumer culture they're fascinating


Ben Rivers' Heavy Action series


The Mondo films, the one that blew my mind was Mondo magic if you can find it

call me crazy, but I fuckin adore Joe vs The Volcano

and I never miss a chance to recommend Zardoz

If you or anyone else out there has a recommendation of great explorer/expedition/exotic/tropical films, along any part of the spectrum of high/low art or documentary/fiction, I would love to know

walkingtrees said...

excellent! thanks for the recommendations!

walkingtrees said... about comics/graphic novels in the same vein? anyone? corto maltese?